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No qualified five-star hotel to heavy penalties ..

No qualified five-star hotel to heavy penalties Recently, a third party evaluation of the Beijing test five well-known five-star hotel and found that they did not completely clean the bath, toilet ring, some hotels did not change the bed sheets, pillowcases. It is reported that the Beijing health supervision departments have been involved in the matter, the five exposed hotels to investigate cheap nike dunk shoes, this week, all five-star hotels in Beijing will usher in the inspection. Five-star hotel health are not off, and even the most basic replacement bed sheets pillow do not do, really eye-popping. To know that these five-star hotel night's room rate may be as high as 2,000 yuan. Such a high price, corresponding to such a low level of service, it is not satisfactory. What is more worrying is that these high-end star hotel is still in the health so sloppy, the general small hotel health situation and how? The relevant departments should be on the health of the hotel industry to conduct a whole body to understand. Five-star hotels often boast of how good their own services cheap nike shoes online, how luxurious the facilities, how superior geographical location, how senior restaurant. But if the most basic health, but off, these so-called high on the configuration and what is the point? Notice, consumers live in the hotel, the first requirement is safety and health, the default hotel bed sheets and other personal items 'one off a' is not how too much demand. Whether it is tall five-star hotel, or a small hotel on the street, health is the minimum threshold of qualified and unqualified. First off this off cheap nike air max 2017, are eligible to talk about service quality and other added value cheap air jordan mens. Coincidentally, another news shows that the relevant departments of Beijing on September 4 interviewed the health of unqualified fast hotel, the reasons for the interview is 'health indicators do not meet the national health standards cheap nike free shoes, not in accordance with the provisions of the customer supplies appliances for cleaning, Disinfection, cleaning, etc. 'The 35 units, the relevant departments to fines 69,000 yuan. Look forward to the relevant departments to investigate the speed of the hotel to check the strength of five-star hotel, if the third party as confirmed by the evaluation agencies as unbearable, they should look like these five-star hotel punished to 'pain.'
  • Created: Sep 15 '17
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