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A Simple Strategy Success Formula That's Proven to Work Eevery

I am asked the same question over and over again.

And that question is...

..."How do some people become so successful, so fast?"

Anytime you go from a complete unknown to one of the most respected and trusted web marketing consultant, folks want to know...


How Can I Do It?

While there are a lot of pieces You Must Name It To Claim It! to the puzzle, it all boils down to two strategies that I observed in my research of what other successful people were Did Not Answer How To Fix The Flash Player Add-in Failure To Install! doing.

You have in your hands the 2 strategies that you can apply right now. IF -- and don't let that small word fool you, it's a BIG key -- IF you apply these same 2 strategies, then I *guarantee* you will become successful.

No doubt about it.

And the reason that I say this is for a couple of reasons...

First, I have never known ANY "wildly" successful netrepreneur who doesn't apply these strategies. They are UNIVERSAL. I've done my research. What works for me is the exact same system that has worked for ALL "wildly" successful eBusiness owners. There are no exclusions here. This isn't a Difficult Excel Formula system that works only for a few.

It is a system that works for every single person who uses it, AND it's a system that Disable Windows Help Popup In Windows 7 64bit? every single successful person online has used, whether they realize it or not. Secondly, ANYONE can use it. I've looked at hundreds of success stories online.

And these folks come from all different walks of life. Some are highly educated. Others are high school dropouts. Some are very creative. Others 0x800703F0 don't have a creative bone in their body. Some folks had a lot of money to invest. Others were headed for the poor house. ANYONE can use what I am about to share and find real success online. It doesn't matter what your qualifications are, or your skills or your resources. It just matters that you have a desire to follow-through on what I am about to share with you.

So, this one's for you. Really. It is. Get that in your head from the beginning. This wasn't written for your neighbor or the local physician in your hometown. It wasn't written for someone in another country or from another planet. It's written for YOU.

Follow these two simple strategies and they will lead you to success.

Strategy One: Wildly Successful Netrepreneurs "Borrow" Ideas From Others

King Solomon said it best "there's nothing new under the sun."

Ideas are as old as time. And they keep resurfacing over and over again. The methodologies and formats and manifestations have changed...

...but the basic reasons why success is what it is, has never changed. While some wildly successful netrepreneurs were indeed pioneers in bringing new previously unseen tools and resources and techniques to us, the overwhelming majority are nothing but good, old-fashioned...


Don't misunderstand. That's not a bad thing. "Borrowing" ideas from others only makes good sense. Do you think Ray Kroc was the first guy who ever flipped a hamburger? And yet McDonald's has become an icon in fast food because of the burger.

Was Bill Gates the first guy to ever write software code? No, he DirectX 11 No Improvement In Graphics just perfected it. Well, not on my computer -- darn thing keeps crashing! But, nonetheless, he brought an existing idea into prominence. It wasn't his idea, he just "borrowed" it, injected it with steroids and mass produced it like never before.

Who created the first eBook online? I don't have a clue. The eBook wasn't my invention -- I just borrowed it from someone who came along before me.

Learn this truth, this strategy from the beginning, "wildly successful netrepreneurs 'borrow' ideas from others." Most aren't inventors or innovators, they are duplicators.

Now, let me make one thing clear before we inch a step further. "Borrowing" IDEAS is not stealing something from someone else. Deciding you are going to write an eBook on web marketing is "borrowing" an idea from someone else. Copying an existing eBook and using it as your own is "stealing" from someone else.

Developing your own search engine submission software is "borrowing" an existing IDEA. Swiping the source Before Regulation There Was Patent Medication code of someone else's software and repackaging it as your own is theft.

So, please don't misunderstand. Wildly successful netrepreneurs don't steal, but rather they "borrow." They model their own project after someone else's IDEA or STYLE or FUNCTION or FEATURE or PURPOSE. They create original products from unoriginal ideas.


Wildly successful netrepreneurs "borrow" ideas from others. So, the first thing you want to do to be truly successful online is to do the same. Study those online who are already successful and do what they are doing. Model your business after theirs. Follow their lead. When you see something working, try it yourself.

You don't have to be a pioneer to be successful. You just need to follow a winner and implement the same ideas, strategies, styles, functions, features and purposes in your own original 0x80040db4 way.

That's exactly what you want to do.

So, what KINDS of things can you "borrow" from others? There are six "ideas" you can borrow from others that I want to share with you...

1. Salesletter Secrets. So, what's stopping you from doing the same?

Sure, there are some great courses on writing sales letters that are worth every penny, And I would recommend that you grab one of them, simply because it walks you through the sales letter process, step-by-step. But, never substitute someone else's knowledge for your own research. You never learn something as well as you do when you are involved in hands-on training. your Learn Piano In A Flash research.

Examine other folks sales letters. Find your industry leaders, those who 0x800ccc19 Windows Mail are already successful and analyze their sales letters. Pick apart that ad copy and determine...

1. How are they using headlines?

2. How long was the sales letter?

3. What kind of language is it written in? (I.E. Compelling words / phrases)

4. What kind of format is being used? (Bullet lists, indentation, bold & italic)

5. What is the opening sentence? Did it pull you into the letter? Why?

6. How do they keep your attention as you read the sales letter?

7. Do they use testimonials? How many? Where? Are they effective?

8. How easy or hard is it to order?

9. What kind of call to action is there? Is there a deadline?

10. What about the offer makes you want to buy, or not buy?

11. Is there any point that it gets boring? Why? How can you fix?

12. Is there a way to capture your email address? How?

13. Is there any research or statistics to support their position?

14. What makes the sales letter compelling to you? What could be better?

Analyze those sales letters. Pick them apart. Find out what works and then implement those "ideas" into your 0xc0000225 fix own sales grrterte letter. This is just a small sampling of strategy #1.

Lucinda J Warner is the author of A Simple Strategy Success Formula That's Proven To Work EVERY Time You Use It, to read the rest of strategy #1 and strategy #2 Successful Netrepreneurs Add Their Own Unique Approach, Visit Affiliate How To Online for this complete report and for MORE free tips and content rich lessons.