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lily Jan 14
Soft music voice flows through the person's heart like the trickle small stream.Guest inside the second floors in the cha chaan teng doesn't calculate much and approximately wears to only have ten several people, 3322, all very aware of self ground small voice speaking about wear respectively topic.The stairs suddenly spreads a step voice and make many guests involuntarily Pie one eye is past.
  A horsetail plait that is dressed in jeans, white polo Shan pure young girl and shape that is dressed in purple sporty elegance pick Gao together an ear short hair young woman, Best Hunting Knife shoulder to shoulder walked to come up.
  Many person's eyes inside the whole cha chaan teng a bright!
  "See, two beauties!Is special the wear a purple recreation to pack, Ze Ze, my university was foolish in Suzhou for four years, this just came back and had never thought the proper county city of our this Anne to unexpectedly have such a big beauty.Is really a mature woman, flank although that is a little more childish, can also the pure Jing is beautiful."
  "Monkey, the beauty is also other people very much again of, stop dreaming."
  "The Hey, the elder brother, doesn't fight me.To, that shape picks Gao of, together the female of ear short hair of, who?It has been more than 20 years since I lived, this is absolutely what I once saw the placings in all women ex- three.That facial features, that qualities ……really moving heart soul."
  "Monkey, I tell you, that beauty nameds'Lin Qing', that is a somebody, the background is very deep, we saw two days ago of the road tiger that is worth of 2,000,000 was hers.Only at Anne proper county city, she the bottom has a hotel, two teahouses.But is this industry at our county city, just somebody else the small part that descend industry is just."
  "Is so severe?"That nickname'monkey'of youth, not from stare tongue-tied.
  Anne proper county city, just Jiangsu is an inshore common county city, 2,000,000 road tigers are in the small county city, also really is a very firm eye.
  "Ms. Lin, your room we get ready and please with me."The attendant of the second floors in the cha chaan teng immediately faces up.
  These two beauties Best Hunting Knife, lead in the attendant under, just followed reserved box under eying of many people, and then reserved box door close.
  Inside the reserved box.
  At will ordered a pot of tea, had already then let the attendant back to descend.
  "Lin Jie, these several days you come to this every day, and fix this reserved box.Ha ha, you are this department Ma Zhao's heart, the stranger all knows."The horsetail plait young girl smiles Pie to in addition to window, would be the welfare hospital of a child in front outside the window.
  On the vacant land of child welfare hospital, just some staff members of welfare hospital accompany those orphans to play.
  "You are this small girl."Lin Qing not from smile to scold a , however Lin Qing be still but through the window, dynasty underneath of the welfare hospital see go, the vision searches a short moment and seems and doesn't discover the target that wants to seek, some regret.
  "Be getting more strange, on that vacant land in the welfare hospital, can not find his shadow of human figure of Teng green mountain, he today how didn't come?Doesn't he know that our Lin Jie waits him in this bitterness bitterness?"The horsetail plait young girl intentionally feels deeply about 1.
  "Like, quick, don't at this eccentric."Lin Qing lightly smiles 1.
  Horsetail plait girl'the Xiao is quick'order, immediately puzzle a way:"Lin Jie, I always feel this Teng green mountain very mysterious.At the beginning we go to great interest Anne the Ling self-help visit, that elder sister Lin meets with accident, that Teng green mountain but carry you this greatly lives a person and walked about 20 inside hill path.That is the hill path!The physical strength of this Teng green mountain is really too terrible."
  "He is very mysterious."Lin Qing also nods.
  Lin Qing is still clear to remember, at the beginning and the Teng green mountain become friends with of scene.
  That, Lin Qing and a flock of of one mind friends, go to northeast, go to big interest Anne Ling exploration tour.As a senior donkey friend, Lin Qing their a group of persons certainly can't provide according to the tour area of safe circuit headway, they were to employ the villager of the region as guide at that time, go to some have no the outward public district carry on exploration.
  In the forest of rare human footprints, really too charming.Lin Qing is drawn on by one birds rare in for the sake of taking this birds, pay no attention unexpectedly and the big troops separated.Wait until Lin Qing Jing to wake up, but how all can not find a troops.