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MJL456 Jul 17
In case you havent noticed, which is virtually impossible, Peyton Manning has gone to TV commercials full time. Deion Sanders Jersey .Adrian Peterson and J.J. Watt are injured. Aaron Rodgers is struggling. Todd Gurleys breakout rookie season looks like a mirage. Megatron is gone.Russell Wilson has been gimpy. Darrelle Revis has been mediocre. Tony Romo has been invisible.Too many of the NFLs headline grabbers arent in the news, or arent producing the kind of plays and drama football fans crave. With all the consternation about TV ratings for NFL games being down, with everything from the presidential election to the Colin Kaepernick-inspired anthem protests being blamed, maybe pro football is a bit star-crossed because it doesnt have a lot of its stars being, well, stars.NFL supporters like to say its the uniform and the tradition and history of teams that make the game such a slam-dunk attraction. The counter-argument is simply that with such national teams as the Raiders, Giants and Dolphins being non-contenders so often in recent years, why didnt viewership disappear then?No, its about the stars.Arguably the biggest luminary in Roger Goodells league is Tom Brady. He sat out the first four weeks thanks to Goodells suspension of the Patriots quarterback in the deflated footballs saga. Watching Brady take vengeance on the league office by way of New Englands opponents has been one of the few compelling plots thus far.Sure, there are others. The way Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott have taken hold in Dallas has been front-page worthy.There is no question that Dak and Zeke, there is no question theyre inspiring the rest of the team, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. This game is a lot about that.How about Lorenzo Alexanders career year in Buffalo after nine seasons as an NFL journeyman?I thought he could do a lot of roles for us, Bills coach Rex Ryan says. But I had no idea that he was still the same player, but he might be a better player. How it happens, Im not sure.I know one thing, its hard work and his dedication and all that. Hes an outstanding teammate, too. He serves all the credit.Great story, yes. SportsCenter material in this age of glitz and memes? Probably not.Its unfortunate that as the sports world has become a major part of the instant-gratification, 24/7/365 social media environment, what is happening with the big names is of primary interest. Almost exclusively.So heading into a weekend of games, theres more focus on Ben Roethlisbergers rehab and LeSean McCoys potential absence than on the emergence of Vic Beasley Jr. as a sacks threat, or Dennis Pittas valiant return to the field.That way of thinking spreads to the guys with the headsets, too. Mike Zimmer isnt a star coach the way Ryan or Bill Belichick or Pete Carroll are. Had any of those three done the job Zimmer has without his starting quarterback (Teddy Bridgewater) and left tackle (Matt Kalil) and Hall of Fame-caliber runner (Peterson), hed be in line for a statue outside the stadium.Zimmer? Oh yeah, his Vikings are 5-1, the cognoscenti say, but their chatter is about Chip Kelly being 1-5.Anyone in the NFL -- well, maybe not some of the diva receivers -- will tell you how football is the most team-oriented sport. Unlike in hockey or soccer, where a goalie can steal wins, or in baseball, with a pitcher dominating hitters, football depends on three units working as much in tandem as possible. It relies on everyone doing his job on the field; a right fielder could be asleep, but if the pitcher strikes out the batter, so what. Try having the center not paying attention when the ball needs to be snapped. Or a safety charging in when two wideouts are running fly patterns.Yet, the NFL has become a star-driven league. Yes, most of those stars are quarterbacks, and when a Brady is suspended, a Manning is retired, the other Manning is floundering, it hurts the product. And the ratings.Nor does it help when players with star power such as Cam Newton, Ndamukong Suh, Jason Pierre-Paul and Joe Flacco struggle.The good news for the NFL is that new stars can develop as quickly as others fade. Goodell had better hope so, because the 2016 season could use a boost.---AP NFL website: and Joe Montana Jersey . Now that hes hitting streaking teammates with pin-point passes for easy layups, Love is asserting himself as one of the true superstars in the league. Terrell Owens 49ers Jersey . Coach Tom Thibodeau says the former MVP will probably start travelling with the team in the next few weeks. Rose tore the meniscus in his right knee at Portland in November and was ruled out for the remainder of the season by the Bulls. . -- Sergey Tolchinksy scored his second goal of the game 3:56 into overtime as the Sault Ste. GENEVA -- FIFA President Gianni Infantino thinks the mostly unloved Club World Cup could expand to a 32-team tournament played in June.Infantino said in interviews published on Friday in Italian and Spanish newspapers that a revamped club competition could start in 2019.A 32-team event played in the last three weeks of June would be more balanced and more attractive to broadcasters and sponsors, Infantino said in comments reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport and El Mundo Deportivo dailies.Infantinos suggestion also follows speculation that China wants to host more international football as part of a wide-ranging plan to invest heavily in the sport.Last year, Chinese retailer Alibaba E-Auto signed as the Club World Cup title sponsor through 2022.The existing seven-team Club World Cup format in December has been seen as vulnerable in a FIFA review of spending and tournament plans since Infantino was elected president in February.The 2015 CClub World Cup in Japan earned a little over $20 million in commercial revenue, according to FIFAs most recent financial report. Roger Craig Womens Jersey. The 2014 edition hosted by Morocco earned $40 million.The latest FIFA tournament expansion plan follows Infantino promoting a 48-team World Cup to start in 2026. That decision could be taken by FIFAs ruling council at a Jan. 9-10 meeting in Zurich.Currently, the Club World Cup is a little-watched event featuring the champions of FIFAs six continental confederations, plus the host nations league winner.Typically, it leads to a final between the champions of Europe and South America. European fans have shown little interest in a competition that also clashes with their domestic leagues.Japan hosts next months edition featuring Real Madrid and Atletico Nacional of Colombia. ' ' '