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momu274 Oct 12 '18
Ⅰ . Overview
SSV  series single line progressive distributor applies to the single equipment or  small sized grease or oil single line concentrated lubricating system with PN  under 30MPa. The piston in its shell distribute the lubricating grease input  from the entrance with a scheduled volume reliably and compulsorily. There are  grease outlets on both left and right side of this type of distributor. The  installation dimension of different number of outlets is the same. Derive and  unite the grease outlets to increase feeding volume, which can be connected to  manual, pneumatic or motor driven lubricating pump to constitute a simple and  inexpensive small sized concentrated lubricating system. And it can also be  connected to the single line or dual line distributor of a large sized  concentrated lubricating system for secondary distribution as an auxiliary  distributor.
Ⅱ . Technical parameters
ModelNominal pressure    (MPa)Rated flow of each    outlet (ml/cycle)Working pressure    (MPa)Outlet quantityWeight (kg)
Use grease  with minimum cone penetration 265(25℃,150g) 1/10mm (NLGI0#~2#) or lubricating  oil with minimum viscosity grade N68.

Ⅲ . Descriptions  of model
Ⅳ . Dimensions
1.Outlet: ф6 (outlet joints  is factory configuration)
2.Max. loss pressure is 1~2MPa when grease or oil  through it at 25℃.

Ⅴ.  Resolution to common faults
Distributor does not work.
  Check if there is pressure grease delivered in the grease supply pipeline or  not; if lubricating point is plugged or not; if grease supply pipeline is  pressed flat; if impurities enter grease feeder. Resolve them after the reason  is found out and removed.
Leakage at the moving indicator adjusting unit.
  Dismantle the restrictor body, and check if seal ring has been used for a too  long time or it is used in an higher environmental temperature than specified  or not. Replace seal ring after the reason is found out.
Ⅵ. Ordering instruction
Blocking occurs in the device or any connected  bearing. First check if the lubricating pump is working or not, and if  lubricating grease is supplied to the main distributor. If lubricating grease  overflows when the feeding port joint of distributor is opened, it proves that  the distributor is the source of failure. Connect and tighten the feeding port  joint, and open the feeding port joints of subordinated bearings one by one. If  lubricating grease overflows, it means the bearing is blocked.
When blocking occurs in the distributor, the  distributor should be replaced. In emergent situation, the distributor can be  dealt with according to the following conditions.
There should be a clean working place.
Dismantle the joints at each grease feeding  port and grease outlet.
Unload the screw plugs at the two sides of  piston holes.
Push the piston by a soft piston rod (diameter  smaller than 6mm, and use a plastic rod as possible).
Inject, blow and wash the distributor body with  compressed air.
Check the flowing passage and inclined holes in  the distributor with a thin iron wire (Φ 1.5mm).
Wash, inject and blow the distributor body  again.
Replace copper cushion rings and re-assembly  the distributor.
Check the newly-assembled distributor with a  manual pump when the initiating pressure of distributor should not be higher  than 2.5MPa. If the initiating pressure is higher than 2.5MPa, the distributor  should be replaced.Single Line Progressive Dispenser