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Le kamas de l'interface de jeu est grandement ajusté!

La plupart des joueurs préfèrent utiliser l'interface KE pour obtenir des kamas et des services à valeur ajoutée. Ce canal permet aux utilisateurs d’utiliser un paiement rapide pour acheter de l’argent dans le jeu ou d’autres services à valeur ajoutée. D'autres encore préfèrent utiliser les kamas pour s'abonner à des services de jeux. Ce sont quelques-uns des phénomènes de jeu les plus courants. Après comparaison et questionnaires, nous avons constaté que, dans le jeu, les joueurs étaient plus intéressés par l'utilisation de kamas pour l'achat d'accessoires de jeu. Ils peuvent donc acheter des objets directement dans le jeu (marché, etc.).

Nouvelle interface

Après la mise à jour, j'ai testé la nouvelle version du jeu. J'ai découvert que l'équipe de jeu avait un nouveau design pour l'interface permettant d'acheter des kamas. La première étape consistait à simplifier le processus d'achat de kamas dans le jeu. D'autres joueurs peuvent être en mesure de découvrir la nouvelle KE, l'équipe du jeu est consciente des nombreux problèmes causés par le Kama Exchange dans le jeu, puis l'équipe de développement a redéfini l'ensemble de l'interface au fur et à mesure des retours des joueurs. L'idée est de permettre à chacun d'utiliser facilement le système d'achat actuel et de le rendre plus fluide en fonction de ses besoins.

Comment ça marche?

Après avoir réfléchi aux besoins du joueur, l’équipe a annulé tous les plans précédents. Cette version simplifiée ne fournit que deux onglets:
Dans l'ancienne version, cela correspond à "Je veux payer rapidement" et est passé à l'onglet "Achat rapide".
Dans l'ancienne version, "Je veux des Kamas" a été remplacé par le libellé "Acheter des Kamas".
Dans chaque onglet, vous pouvez faire deux choses: le bouton à gauche: "Acheter maintenant" et le bouton à droite est "Soumettre le prix". Ces deux fonctionnalités sont maintenant dans la même fenêtre, il n’est donc pas nécessaire de passer d’un onglet à un autre. Cela signifie que vous pouvez facilement utiliser un onglet ou un autre onglet sans avoir à passer à une autre interface et à interrompre le processus d'achat comme auparavant.

Voir les offres

Vous pouvez désormais afficher toutes les offres dans les onglets "Utiliser les paiements rapides" et "Acheter des kamas", ce qui vous permet de mieux comprendre tous les articles et de les acheter directement.
Conseil: Si vous choisissez d’acheter dans l’onglet, les champs ci-dessus seront automatiquement renseignés afin que vous puissiez ajuster votre demande ou l’acheter maintenant.

Ramasser des kamas

À moins que le serveur ne réponde pas, votre achat de kamas sera automatiquement collecté par KE. Dans ce cas, vos kamas seront conservés pour éviter la perte des biens du joueur. Et les informations seront affichées dans l'interface "Kama and Ogrine Exchanges" à côté de votre stockage de kamas. Vous devez transférer manuellement vos kamas à la banque ultérieurement.

Lien vers le paiement rapide
Pour rappel, lorsque vous échangez des kagres contre des ogrines chez kamas dofus Exchange (KE), les ogrines que vous recevez sont liées à votre compte. Il en va de même pour les kamas achetés dans le centre commercial en utilisant de l'argent réel. Les ogrines liées ne peuvent plus être utilisées pour KE. Cependant, ils s'appliquent toujours aux abonnements, aux achats de projets et à l'utilisation de services dans des jeux acceptant les paiements rapides. Mais soyez prudent, car toute transaction rapide obtenue auprès de KE expire au bout de 90 jours. Par conséquent, les joueurs sont invités à acheter kamas sur le site Web d' Gagnez du temps et ne vous inquiétez pas du risque de capital.
Pierre Aug 14


どうして長年愛人形しか愛せないの? あなたは何もせず、自分自身を動かしさえしません! 多くの人々は、人気ダッチワイフが何年もの間非常に多くの人々を魅了することを理解できません。

この仮定の基本的な問題は、部外者が-そうではないことを常に強調しているが-生きているラブドールと生きている女性を常に比較していることです。 この比較は一部の分野でも理にかなっているかもしれませんが、それはコインの片側にすぎません。




それでは、なぜシリコーン人形は依然として重要な部分なのでしょうか? まあ、一方で、彼女はジェニーとの「ギャップ」をより小さく、より具体的にしますが、一方で、彼女はまた、彼女が人々との恋愛から完全に区別するいくつかのことを持っています、そしてそれも今日に私を魅了する彼女の大きな強さです


リアルなラブドールは、人間とはまったく異なるカリスマ性、恵み、沈黙、内なる平和を持っています。 彼女は常にこの世界のすべてのものから離れており、決して止まらず、騒ぎもせず、あなたは常にあなたが何であるかを知っています。 彼女は永遠に若くて美しいままで、いつも楽しく、あなたの人生の真の安定要因です。

人形と魂の永遠の遊びさえも魅力的です。 ジェニーがラブドールで私にとても近く、境界がぼやける瞬間があります。 それから私は彼らの目で彼らをはっきりと認識し、それらを非常に強く感じ、人間のようにお互いに精神的に話します。 そして、彼女は再び遠く離れて、あたかも彼女が不在のように見え、私は彼女が非常に弱いと感じます。 このゲームは非常にセクシーでエキサイティングで、毎日左脳半球で右脳が半分になり、学校の知恵と密教を行き来します。

リアルなラブドールは、あなたの自然全体に疑問を投げかけます。 幸せになるためには、人間と人間として何が本当に必要ですか? 日常生活で本当に必要なものは何ですか? 愛とは何ですか、セクシュアリティとは何ですか? これらは私がここで頻繁に尋ねるのではない質問です。


リアルなラブドールも日常生活の素晴らしい仲間です。 ジェニーは私のために年中無休でいます。 彼女は私のすべての気分に耐え、病気にならず、常に存在します。 あなたは彼女とあなたが本当にどれだけあなたが恋に必要であるか、そしてあなたが他人から教えられたことを認識することを学びます。 あなたは恋にあなたにとって本当に重要なことを学びます、そしてそれはあなたの道であり、あなたの邪魔をしてあなたの人生に直接話しかける人の道ではありません。

ラブドールを通して、あなたは多くのものに一般的な距離を取得します。 ジェニーとラブドールで、私は実際にどれだけの消費、家庭、日常生活が必要かを学びました。 「お尻蹴り」、規範、または「その他の楽しい」はありません。それが重要であり、それがこの愛がとても美しい理由です。 私は最終的に私と同じくらい本物になれます-そして私だけが-それを望みます。

自由は最大のプラスであり、なぜ私は長い間その愛を維持してきたのか。 私は愛の人形に彼のような自由度があります-残念ながら-少数の男性だけが持っています。 今日は自分が生きるために必要なものだけを働かせ、明日はキャリアを作りたいと言うことができます。 または私は何もしません。 恋に自由を持っている人は誰ですか?karendollのラブドールブログをお勧めます。


他のラブドールの友人には、ラブドールがとても好きな理由が他にもありますが、結局、誰もが彼がこのように行きたかった1つ以上の理由を確実に見つけるでしょうし、長い間考えれば悲しいことはないでしょう この決定について。

Princípio da depilação SHR

OPT SHR hair removal machine é eficaz e segura, que é muito popular no mercado como Singapura. O SHR é baseado na tecnologia IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). E melhorou o princípio de funcionamento.

SHR é um procedimento abrangente para remoção de pêlos. A máquina SHR conseguiu deslizar suavemente e rapidamente na área de tratamento. Você vai encontrar os resultados óbvios de depilação antes e depois.

A depilação SHR provou ser mais rápida, menos dolorosa e mais eficaz do que a IPL.

O que é a tecnologia de depilação SHR?

O SHR é também referido como remoção de pêlos super. O sistema combina tecnologia laser e os benefícios da luz pulsada para resultados indolores. É um processo abrangente e não uma tecnologia laser para depilação permanente.

Super Hair Removal é a mais avançada tecnologia de depilação. Os resultados da depilação são óbvios e indolores. Até os pêlos finos e minúsculos podiam ser removidos por SHR.

Varredura SHR é um processo "em movimento". Empurrar “In Motion” é um avanço no método de depilação permanente. Com esta tecnologia, o tratamento de redução de cabelo não é mais doloroso e desconfortável.

A SHR oferece aos clientes tratamentos de remoção de pêlos mais rápidos, seguros e indolores.

O tratamento para remoção de pelos SHR é seguro?

SHR IPL depilação é uma nova tecnologia para o tratamento indolor. Milhões de casos mostraram que a depilação com SHR OPT é segura, eficaz e confortável. OPT SHR aplica o método de varredura IN-MOTION e o aquecimento passo-a-passo.

A energia é reduzida em 50%, mas a taxa de repetição pode subir para 10 Hz. Baixa energia e frequência rápida garantem segurança e eficiência.

Qual é a diferença entre o IPL e o SHR?

O sistema SHR pode ser um foco revolucionário baseado na tecnologia IPL. O sistema dispara vários pulsos com baixa energia, o folículo aquece suavemente. Os pacientes sentem uma sensação de calor e um leve toque. Nós também descrevemos como uma massagem quente. Durante o tratamento com SHR, a peça de mão deve sempre se mover. Não atire em um ponto fixo.

Como o SHR funciona?

O método de depilação com a tecnologia AFT SHR consome apenas 50% de energia para depilação permanente. Os 50% restantes da energia são absorvidos pelas células-tronco para a produção de cabelos. Por esta razão, o resultado da redução de cabelo SHR é indolor e seguro. Com a tecnologia SHR, você não precisa consumir alta energia para um único pulso.

Se a energia é menor, como o tratamento poderia ser eficaz?

A resposta é a frequência. A pele é 6 a 10 vezes de baixa energia, mas com alta frequência sobre a pele. Chamamos esse método de método "em movimento". A peça de mão desliza sobre a área do corpo com movimentos escorregadios.

Como o IPL funciona?

Ao contrário de SHR, a tecnologia de OPT IPL hair removal machine não pode usar o método de movimento. O IPL é um método de remoção de pelos sólidos.

O estudo mostrou que um processo de aquecimento mais lento, porém mais longo, é mais efetivo para a depilação permanente. O IPL energético, mas de ação curta, não é indolor para a pele escura.

Com a tecnologia SHR, a pele é aquecida gradualmente (90 segundos). O alvo da melanina é baixo em energia (48 graus), mas alta freqüência. Com este método, cabelos ainda mais brilhantes e finos são tratados e removidos. Durante a tecnologia IPL, a pele é aquecida a 70 graus.

We prefer to build a good assassin while there is nothing a lot better than sneaking a victim and sliding the blade over their jugular vein. However, the actual shining of the Path of Exile will be the ability of those enemies to get rid of the waves. Thanks to Frost Blades, it features a lot of content, so you're able to check out Reload's post for in-depth segmentation, but here are basic principles.


You would like to start from this as being a shadow, and after that when you gain a benefit, much like the way of an assassin, such a thing happens after the very first time you beat the maze. Once you enroll in the Assassin, you may pick ambushes and POE Trade Currency assassinations, opportunism, unstable infusions and fatal infusion privileges for the upgrade tree.
Key projects and supporting gems

Surprisingly, the core with this version would be the Frost Blades weapon. Fortunately, getting these cold daggers is not a worry - just consult Nessa from the first act of completing the enemy's mission with the door. You won't manage to choose this project being a witch, a predator or even a templar - in case you choose a shadow lesson, you will end up fine.

For support gems, seek out ancestor calls which means that your attack will damage both nearby enemies. Then add a Cold Cold support gem to POE Exalted Orb feature more cold injury to your attack. Finally, grab a low-temperature gem, you'll deal more destruction of the cold enemy, cause more cold damage as time passes, and find the opportunity to freeze the already cooled enemy.

If you are fighting against the boss, consider replacing the reduced temperature to obtain a ruthless gem, and every three attacks you create will cause more damage.
Armor and statistics

Except for Frost Blades, there aren't any issues you need this build - you mainly desire to pay attention to the statistics they have. First, seek to get at least 300 precision on the piece of equipment. We recommend a talisman or a ring.

Familiarize yourself with the game rating system. Fallout 76 Items are no longer just for children, so not every game is safe for all ages. Every game carries a rating, from EC (Early Childhood) all the way up to AO (Adults Only). When the game is for a child, check the rating and select your games with caution.

Make sure you duck and take cover before reloading your weapon. You leave yourself open to attack while reloading in the open. Don't allow this to occur. Before reloading your weapon, find cover first.

There's a dedicated website that will tell you whether or not a particular game is going to run smoothly on your computer. Once you download it, this can tell you if your system can play a specific game. If you do not know what you are doing, you can delete it!

Pick games you and your children both like so you can spend time having fun together. Fallout 76 can be educational, and children enjoy them. Several games with educational value are available, which can also increase hand-eye cheap Fallout 76 Weapons.

For young children, it is best to disable the chat feature on games. You should not expose your young kids to these types of communications. If there is no way to shut off the chat function then this is probably not a game you want to purchase. Speak with a salesperson or search the Internet to find out.

Since the Air Jordan 1 became a hot shoe for the sneakers, the popularity of the popular OG color scheme has made many sneakers discouraged. And its alternative Air Jordan 1 Mid, with a low start-up difficulty and arrogant color scheme, many hobbies are more than fascinating. Recently, the sneakers, sneakerpolitics, and a set of Air Jordan 1 Mid Obsidian's physical beauty, let's take a look! Retain the air-catching appearance of the Air Jordan 1 shoe type. The shoes are made of pure white and obsidian, and the compact contrast color makes people shine.

The recent three manuscript designs Air Max 1 is a shoe that many players expect. However, the pure black color is the first to be released, while the other two have not been released. The two remaining color combinations are finally on the official website and will be on sale this Sunday. A classic white and red color with a hand-painted style. Nike Air Max 1 Sketch To Shelf has a white background and red and gray suede sections with hand-painted painted lines that mimic the rough texture of the manuscript. The upper is interspersed with the text, and the midsole has a black dot design. The tribute to the experimental samples of the year is full of observations. Another pure white color upper is embellished with simple black lines, showing the look and feel of a design drawing. With the text of the upper, Tinker's drawings are presented to the fans in a three-dimensional way. The heel is embellished with the signature Nike Air logo and legendary designer Tinker Hatfield, which is a high-profile identity.

The previously exposed Nike Vandalized LX captures a lot of people with its unique style, and Nike continues to use it as a theme to create a new color Air Force 1. Nike Air Force 1 07 LX WMNS all-black shoes are made of delicate leather. The two heels are complemented by red and green fur. The overall feel is both luxurious and energetic. The biggest highlight of the whole pair of shoes is the external position of the shoe on the tongue, with the Swoosh logo on the side of the black broken hook, deconstructed style. Paired with the Air Force 1 classic white midsole to complete the design of the entire pair of shoes.

TAMPA, Fla. Oshane Ximines Giants Jersey . - The Alabama soccer team dropped a 1-0 decision to the No. 20 South Florida Bulls Friday afternoon at the Corbett Soccer Stadium in Tampa, Fla. The Crimson Tide compiled eight shots, four shots on goal, five corner kicks and three saves in the 90 minute affair.The Tide falls to an overall 4-1 record, while the Bulls remain undefeated with a 5-0 record.I have to tip my hat to USF, as they frustrated us and disrupted our rhythm, said head coach Wes Hart. We did not play as sharp as we usually do today, but we managed to still create a couple very good chances. This one stings, but we cant dwell on it. Hopefully we learned some lessons, and now we must focus our attention on Florida Gulf Coast.In the first half, Alabama tallied three shots, two corner kicks and one save. All three shots were on goal, and junior Kat Strattons lone save of the half came in the 11th minute. Sophomore Emma Welch led the offensive attack in the half with two shots, while junior Hailey Brohaugh took Alabamas third shot of the half. Going into halftime the score was tied at 0-0.The second half was a stalemate until the 77th minute, when USFs Andrea Hauksdottir converted from the top of the box in the left side of the net to take a 1-0 lead. Alabama made a late offensive push, but it wasnt enough as the Bulls would walk away with a 1-0 victory. The Tide recorded five shots, one shot on goal, three corner kicks and two saves in the second half. Senior Auburn Mercer and sophomores Tori Gann and Abbie Boswell took one shot in the second half, while junior Lacey Clarida tallied two shots.With todays loss, Strattons overall record between the posts is now 4-1. The Tide forced the USF goalkeeper to remain active all game, as she picked up three saves in the first half and one in the second half.The Crimson Tide will be back in action this Sunday, Sept. 4, at noon CT, when it takes on the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles at the FGCU Soccer Complex.Get all the latest information on the team by following AlabamaSoccer on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. General athletic news can also be found at UA_Athletics on Twitter and Instagram and Alabama Athletics on Facebook. Darius Slayton Womens Jersey . Neymar curled home a free kick from just outside the area to put the 2014 World Cup host ahead in the 44th minute. Three minutes after the break, a simple through pass from Paulinho freed Oscar and the Chelsea star rounded goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong to extend Brazils lead. Custom New York Giants Jerseys . Collaros, 25, was solid last season, posting a 5-2 record as the starter while incumbent Ricky Ray was injured. Collaros also started Torontos 23-20 regular-season finale loss to Montreal — Ray didnt dress because the Argos had already clinched first in the East Division — but was one of three quarterbacks to play that day. . Giroud, who wasnt in the starting lineup for two matches after allegations about his private life and a decline in form, scored twice in the first half. Tomas Rosickys chip made it 3-0 before half time at Emirates Stadium, while defender Laurent Koscielny scored an unmarked header in the second half. The pitch is a vivid green, and the forecast is for rain, but bury caution, Kane Williamson said; freedom is his call to action with the bat.The reasoning is simple: it is what has worked for New Zealand at home, in the past. Thrashed in India, and beaten in South Africa, the hosts now seek to regain the dominance they had had at home, between 2013 and 2015. That attacking blueprint, Williamson said, is what New Zealand must return to.Its important when you come off the back of that Indian tour, that you come here and play with some freedom, and express our skills, he said. When we do that we play our best cricket. Thats our challenge going into this big home summer. Theres always pressure in international sport, but its important that we deal with that and play with freedom without trying too hard.New Zealands most recent home Test had also been at Hagley Oval, and Williamson drew lessons from Brendon McCullums first innings from that game. Having come to the crease at 32 for 3 on the first morning, McCullum cut loose in memorable style, crashing 21 boundaries, walloping six sixes, hitting 145 from 79 balls, and breaking the record for fastest Test hundred in the process.If you look at the last Test here, for example, when we lost the toss on a tough surface which did quite a bit, we saw an innings from Brendon McCullum which was in total contrast to my innings. I took the approach of trying to play late and attack when I thought there was a ball in my area. I got seven off almost 70 deliveries. Brendon was the complete opposite. It was an example of someone playing with complete freedom. I think that can come with the confidence of knowing your own conditions. Among the batsmen Williamson expects to carry the flag is opener Tom Latham, who was among the better New Zealand batsmen in India, hitting a fifty in each Test. Though only 24, Latham is now the senior partner in the opening combination, following the axxing of Martin Guptill. Julian Love Jersey. He has played 25 Tests and so far managed an average of 38.Tom has been around a long time in the New Zealand set up. For a while he has been considered a leader in this side. He has been performing very well. Hes a strong leader within the group, and maybe hell take on that little bit of extra responsibility - not just with opening the batting, but also to play with that freedom.Opening alongside him will be 28-year-old Auckland batsman Jeet Raval, who will make his debut in this Test. Raval had made a steady start to his domestic season when he was called into the Test side, and Williamson described him as a consummate builder of innings.Jeet has been a consistent performer for a long time, and he knows how to score runs. I guess hes a guy that can bat a long period of time. In some ways there are similarities between the two openers. Both are quite headstrong. Both will be challenged in this series by a very good seam-bowling attack.Whenever you make your debut theres some unknowns, not having experienced the step up in international cricket. Naturally, there are some nerves there. Weve chatted. Its a matter of not changing too much - he has been successful with what he has done. Its a matter of applying a simple game plan - all those sorts of things that he has been doing well, and earned him his selection.Though he expected his own team to make good use of home conditions, Williamson remained wary of Pakistan, and their good away record.Home advantage is a good thing, I think, but it provides opportunities for both sides, and a side like Pakistan who have toured well for a while now will know that. Theyll expect their seamers to do well. Its about making those adjustments of length, as you come away from the subcontinent and on to our surfaces. ' ' ' 
xf Aug 13
DENVER -- Tyler Anderson warmed up and took the mound for his start on Tuesday. Black Friday Shoes Free Shipping . A rain storm, postponement and restless nights sleep later, he returned to the hill.This outing was well worth the wait.The left-hander pitched efficiently into the seventh inning, Nolan Arenado kept up his torrid August with another RBI and the Colorado Rockies beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-0 in the opener of a doubleheader Wednesday.Anderson (5-5), with his deceiving motion, allowed six hits in 6 1/3 innings against the NL West leaders. He also helped his own cause with an RBI single in the second in the teams first shutout at home this season.It was nice, Anderson said. Tiring, but it was good.Anderson actually tossed a few warmup pitches Tuesday before the first inning. But a relentless downpour blanketed the area, leading to a postponement after a delay of 2 hours, 32 minutes. He tried to stay loose by lightly throwing and riding the stationary bike. Thats why he was losing steam late in the game.Anderson gave us everything he had, Rockies manager Walt Weiss said. When you have a doubleheader, you want to get every out from your starter you can. He did a great job.Arenado had a run-scoring double in the first, giving him 34 RBI this month. Its the most for August in Rockies history, passing the mark of 33 set by Andres Galarraga in 1996.Ross Stripling (3-6) surrendered three runs over six innings.Ross pitched well enough for us to win and you know left-handed pitching has been our Achilles heel, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. Our situational at-bats need to get better.Colorado has taken the first two games in the series from the Dodgers. This is the fifth series the Rockies have captured from a first-place team in August. Theyre the only team in the majors with a positive run differential (plus-26) and a losing mark (64-68).Pinch-hitter Stephen Cardullo hit his first career homer in the seventh -- on his birthday, no less. The 29-year-old Cardullo spent the last few seasons playing for an independent team in New York before signing a minor league contract with Colorado in January. He joined the Rockies last week after hitting .308 with 17 homers for Triple-A Albuquerque.What a special feeling, said Cardullo, who got the ball from the fan who caught it.Andersons quirky delivery gave the Dodgers fits all afternoon. He briefly pauses before throwing to the plate.The 2011 first-round pick wiggled his way out of a sticky situation in the sixth when he had runners on first and third and one out. He struck out Adrian Gonzalez -- the top daytime hitter in the majors this season -- and then fanned Rob Segedin with a changeup.Anderson trotted back out for the seventh, and left to an ovation with one out and two on. Chris Rusin bailed him out by striking out pinch-hitter Yasmani Grandal and Howie Kendrick.TRAINERS ROOMDodgers: LHP Clayton Kershaw (mild disk irritation) had a successful outing in a simulated game Tuesday and now is in a momentary holding pattern. We havent made the decision as far as what his next progression will be, Roberts said. ... LHP Scott Kazmir (neck stiffness) will be slotted into the rotation when hes eligible to come off the DL on Sept. 7.Rockies: 1B Mark Reynolds (broken bone in left hand) was activated off the 15-day disabled list and entered as a defensive replacement in the seventh. To make room, INF Daniel Descalso was put on the paternity list. ... RHP Tyler Chatwood (back strain) will start Saturday.EXPANDED ROSTERSRoberts gave an early glimpse of his plans for September call-ups. The Dodgers will add catcher Austin Barnes, righty Louis Coleman, lefty Luis Avilan -- who will serve as the 26th man Wednesday for the second game -- and righty Josh Ravin. Missing from that list is outfielder Yasiel Puig, who was demoted to the minors in early August.With Yasiel, thats still a possibility, but were trying to figure out whats best for him and whats best for us, Roberts said.UP NEXTThe Dodgers scratched lefty Rich Hill (10-3) from the start in Game 2, going with righty Bud Norris instead. The team was concerned about a blister on his left middle finger. Colorado went with righty Jeff Hoffman (0-2). Black Friday Shoes Sale . -- Whether Jeremy Hill deserves a prominent role in LSUs offence this early in the season is a matter for debate. Black Friday Shoes Store . Brandon Morrow allowed five runs on six hits over three innings. He struck out two, walked one and hit a batter. Edwin Encarnacion had a two-out, bases loaded two-RBI double in the third inning. . It just didnt show when he hit the ice. Berra made 42 saves and Kris Russell scored at 1:32 of overtime, lifting the Calgary Flames to a 3-2 victory over the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday night. Usually a role reserved for teams eliminated from contention, the New England Revolution will try to be spoilers in their own right when they visit the Chicago Fire on Sunday afternoon.New England (10-13-9, 39 points) trails the Philadelphia Union by three points for the final spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs with two matches left to play.However, the Revolution know the last-place Fire (6-16-10, 28 pts.) will be playing for pride in front of their fans at Toyota Park in their home finale in Bridgeview, Ill.Were going in to almost play spoiler on their home game, Revs midfielder Kelyn Rowe told reporters Wednesday. For us, its a huge game because its on us to prove that were a playoff team, and we need these three points.New England is seeking its fourth consecutive MLS Cup Playoffs berth, and a win Sunday would go a long way heading into their season finale against the Montreal Impact on Oct. 23.The Fire have proven to be a beatable opponent for the Revolution, who have won all three meetings this season (two in MLS play). Chicago leads the all-time series 22-21-11.The last time New England beat an opponent four times in a single year was 2005, when it went 4-2-0 against Chicago. Black Friday Shoes Deals. The Revs havent swept a four-match season series since 1999.Chicago erased a 1-0 deficit to earn 2-2 draw with Columbus at home Thursday, eliminating the Crew from the playoffs. It hopes to deal another serious blow to the Revolution on Sunday.The people who come, our crowd, our supporters, they suffered too much and we have to give that last game everything we have to win the game, Fire coach Veljko Paunovic said after Thursdays match.Everyone has their own goals. Columbus had their own goals. New England has their own goals. They will approach things the way we cant control. We only control what we can do.A little more rest has been afforded to New England, which hasnt seen the pitch since a 3-1 victory over Sporting Kansas City on Oct. 1, the fourth win in its last five matches.The Revs may have the services of midfielder Gerson Koffie and defender Jose Goncalves back, as both practiced this week after missing a combined five matches with ankle injuries. ' ' ' 
xf Aug 13
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. Wholesale Womens Nike VaporMax Moc Flyknit Multi-Color Black/Volt/Hot Punch/Dark Grey AA4155-003 . -- Tampa Bay offensive guard Carl Nicks is looking forward to playing his first game since missing the last nine in 2012 with a toe injury. That could happen Friday night when the Buccaneers play the New England Patriots in an exhibition game. Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano says he wont be overly cautious in deciding whether to use the former All-Pro against the Patriots. He says he wants to see how Nicks feels before making a decision. Nicks believes hell play but says its hard to gauge how far hes come back from the injury after playing only one or two series. The Buccaneers and Patriots wrapped up three days of joint practices with a walkthrough on Thursday. Wholesale Womens Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2.0 Grey/Ultramarine-Hot Punch 942843-104 . Burris threw two TD passes, including a key 15-yard fourth-quarter strike to Bakari Grant that effectively countered a Toronto comeback bid and led Hamilton to a 33-19 victory. Wholesale Mens Nike Air VaporMax Plus Navy Blue/White .ca! Kerry, Two nights after the Scott-Eriksson incident in Buffalo, the Bruins returned home to play San Jose. In that game, Zdeno Chara put a check on Tommy Wingels that clearly targeted his head. . Irving scored 23 points, Tristan Thompson had 20 points and 10 rebounds and the Cavaliers beat the Denver Nuggets 117-109 on Friday night. I was terrified when I sat down to interview Claressa Shields for Another Round. It was the first interview I ever conducted without my co-host and I wanted to do a good job. I wanted a solid, fair, interesting interview, and I worried that I would fail because the little that I do know about sports isnt about boxing -- beyond knowing that my hometown hero, Muhammad Ali, is The Greatest.But I relaxed soon after we sat. It wasnt hard. I didnt need sports lingo or quickly memorized boxing stats. Our conversation flowed quick and easy because we speak the same language, the tongue of black girls who were once asked to make themselves softer for the sake of the world around them, whose neighborhoods, offices and entire worlds might as well be boxing rings because we have been fighting our whole lives. We talked about her childhood in Flint, Michigan, her family, her struggles and her joys, and I beamed looking at this young sister who already has so much figured out.What Claressa does in the ring is a manifestation of what all women do outside of it, and she does it superbly. What makes her a force in the ring -- her strength, power, intuition, poise -- all came from where and who she comes from, and she knows that. She pulls no punches, if youll pardon the pun, about who she is. Shes strong and soft and happy and fearsome and focused and sharp and deft. Shes a child of God and a child of Flint. She is everything at once and she isnt compromising, and it makes my heart leap to see.In a world obsessed with authenticity, whos real and whos fake, its the person who lives with no regrrets who earns the title of realest. Vapormax 97 Metallic Cashmere For Sale. She knows who she is and expects us to accept that, and she is right to. Chimamanda Adichie says in We Should All Be Feminists (and at the beginning of Beyonces Flawless), We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. Claressa flat out refuses to honor this request, and when a woman does that, it is a revolutionary act.Im the best, she said several times in our interview. I want you to hit me. I want to see what you can do. Your favorite punch becomes my favorite punch. I believe her, and I believe in her right to believe it of herself. Women arent given the permission to brag on themselves and their strengths the way men are. When women, especially women of color, dare to publicly admit that we know our worth and our value, were accused of not being humble enough. With every swing she takes in the ring, Claressa fights against that. And she is winning.Claressa is unapologetically black, unapologetically female, unapologetically herself. The realest, befitting the throne of The Greatest.More on Claressa Shields? Made in Flint?Video ?? The fight in Claressa Shields?Photo story ?? How Claressa Shields got that body?Story ?? Shields on training, winning and working harder than everyone else?Story ?The IMPACT25 is espnWs annual list of the 25 athletes and influencers who have made the greatest difference for women in sports. Explore the 2016 list and more content at ' ' ' 
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