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The Football Association is giving serious consideration to launching a new investigation into the Mark Sampson affair after Drew Spence, one of the two players Authentic Adidas Nail Yakupov Womens Jersey to allege he had made a racial remark, came forward for the first time to tell the governing body what Eni Aluko has said about the England women’s team manager is true.In a key development to a controversy that is threatening to go to the top of the FA, the Guardian can reveal Spence has given a written statement to the organisation alleging that on her first England callup, at the China Cup in October 2015, she was left upset and offended by Sampson asking her, a mixed-race player, how many times she had been arrested. Spence has also had a private meeting with senior FA officials to give her version of events and is understood to have expressed surprise that the two inquiries which have cleared Sampson of any wrongdoing – one an internal review and the other a three-month independent inquiry, carried out by the barrister Katharine Newton, on behalf of the FA – did not think it necessary to speak to her.As the Guardian revealed this week, the two inquiries also chose not to interview any of the other players present at the meeting where Sampson is alleged to have turned to a mixed-raced player, then 22, and said: “Haven’t you been arrested before? Four times, isn’t it?” Aluko has described the inquiries as a “farce” and the Professional Footballers’ Association has accused the FA of holding an internal review that was “not a genuine search of the truth” and “a sham which was not designed to establish the truth but intended to protect Mark Sampson”. Spence’s decision to back Aluko leaves English football’s governing body under mounting pressure to abandon its previous stance that Youth Nike Philadelphia Eagles #87 Brent Celek White Vapor Untouchable Limited Player NFL Jersey the issue was finished at a time when the culture, media and sport select committee is preparing to summon senior FA executives on 17 October to explain the holes in the process.Although the FA is not making any comment, it has become apparent in the past few days there is a growing feeling within the organisation it has made significant errors during a controversy that has led to calls from Kick It Out, the PFA and the shadow sports minister, Dr Rosena Allin‑Khan, for another inquiry. The FA is also likely to come under pressure for Newton not to be involved Authentic Adidas Kyle Quincey Womens Jersey in any new process. At the same time Sampson may face a more in-depth investigation into Aluko’s allegations – repeatedly denied by the manager – that he told her to be careful her Nigerian relatives did not bring the Ebola virus to a game at Wembley. Aluko was paid an £80,000 settlement, including a confidentiality clause, while the sum total of the FA’s investigation into that matter appears to have been asking Sampson whether it was true and receiving his denial.Aluko told the Guardian in an exclusive interview on 21 August she felt she had lost her 11-year, 102-cap England career as a result of reporting a number of grievances about Sampson and the FA’s credibility has come into question because of what appear to be other shortcomings in the investigation process. Mark Sampson says his ‘conscience is clear’ but in his first press conference since the controversy blew up he appeared to contradict the evidence he had given to an inquiry. Photograph: Mike Egerton/PA The original explanation for not interviewing Spence was the FA did not know her identity, with Aluko being blamed for apparently “refusing” to help. Yet Aluko, a qualified sports lawyer, supplied evidence that clearly states it was a mixed-raced midfielder who was raised in south London, played for Chelsea and on her first England camp. Spence, to put it into context, was the only mixed-race midfielder on that trip.The FA has also been forced to admit it delivered its initial findings to Aluko, effectively throwing out her complaints about bullying and victimisation, before it had spoken to at least one of the key witnesses. Newton’s report did say the barrister had seen a video, filmed by FATV, of the China Cup meeting and that it did not show Sampson making the alleged comment to Spence. Aluko’s camp have requested the video to check if it is the correct meeting, or if it has been edited, but the FA has declined to pass it over.
So this is how it feels to be there when the English turn up, to be over there when we go over there. On a night of confusion, anxiety and some mild outbreaks Authentic Martin Maldonado Womens Jersey of violence around the Emirates Stadium, London had a taste of what it feels like to be caught on the hop by thousands of boisterous, tribal, boozed-up football fans in search of a space to call their own for the night.First the good news. Arsenal’s Europe League match against Cologne did eventually go ahead, delayed to a 9.05pm start after massive congestion problems outside the stadium. Tens of thousands of confused and anxious football supporters mingled on the concrete walkways around the ground without losing their heads or becoming violent or coming close to the kind of problems severe overcrowding can cause. Inside the stadium, where an estimated 20,000 Cologne fans gained entry, the scene was fevered and edgy but largely peaceful as supporters intermingled in the stands. It really could have been so much worse given the numbers involved, and given the state of garrulous all-day intoxication of the Cologne fans who seemed to have spent most of Thursday drinking high-strength Belgian lager in various spots around central London. In the most fraught moments leading up to kick-off police riot teams could be seen snaking through the huge crowd at the turnstiles, and some arrests were made after a group of Cologne fans tried to storm one of the entrances. There were scuffles among the visiting fans and some nasty moments in the away end in the delay before kick-off as those with tickets in other parts of the ground tried to force their way into the main mass Authentic Mike Trout Youth Jersey of Cologne fans and fought intermittently with stewards. Eventually the police arrived, hundreds of extra officers having been scrambled to deal with a situation that appeared to have caught them on the hop a little. something unusual was building. Cologne are one of the Bundesliga’s most boisterously supported big-city clubs and their fans have been in a fever at their first European campaign in 25 years. Warnings of a massed ticketless invasion had been circulating ever since Youth Nike Philadelphia Eagles #79 Brandon Brooks Elite White NFL Jersey the draw. Only this week Arsenal had issued a warning to fans not to travel without tickets. A spike in memberships taken out in Germany had been reported and new German-based ticket applications refused.Forewarned, then. But not apparently prepared. As north London yawned its way grudgingly through Thursday afternoon’s preliminaries a massed phalanx of the travelling supporters army marched and sang and lit fireworks and thundered its way slowly from Oxford Street to Holloway Road. Perhaps police could have intercepted them further from the Authentic Nolan Ryan Youth Jersey ground. Surely they could have been there in larger numbers at the start. By six o’clock a surge of German fans appeared to be simply wandering around the stadium, mingling with commuters, blocking out side streets. It felt good natured, if a little claustrophobic. Last week there were roadblocks and police horses in west London to tackle 1500 travelling Millwall fans. Here two hours before kick-off a lone officer could be seen energetically pointing an endless procession of chanting fans away from the wrong side street turning.As the bridges leading into the ground were closed and news emerged of the delay to kick-off rumours circulated of German fans buying Arsenal scarves in the club shop to gain entry to the home ends. Some said Cologne fans had been allowed to sit in their ticketed seats alongside the home fans, but instructed not to cheer if their team scored – a fanciful piece of rumour–mongering that went out of the window the moment Jhon Córdoba scored a spectacular opener after nine minutes, drawing leaping celebrations all around a genuinely fevered Emirates. Arsenal fans leapt to their feet Authentic Steven Matz Youth Jersey in turn, urging some stewards to expel the away fans in their midst. Everybody kept their head, just about.What could Arsenal have done differently? What is the correct protocol for dealing with 20,000 boisterous people turning up in your corner of the city demanding entry? In the past England fans and the English media have been critical of police abroad kettling or herding or even lobbing gas canisters. Here the visitors were largely well behaved, the response of police and club sensible, if a little strained.
Four people were removed from Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, for hanging a large banner that read “Racism is as Shaun Hill Womens Jersey American as Baseball”. The black-and-white sign was dropped down over the middle section of the Green Monster, the stadium’s famous high left-field wall, during the fourth inning of the game against Oakland. In a statement to the Washington Post, the individuals who unfurled the banner said they were “a group of white anti-racist protestors”. Some Red Sox fans just don't know Boston's racist history Read more “We want to remind everyone that just as baseball is fundamental to American culture and history, so too is racism,” the group added. “White people need to wake up to this reality before white supremacy can truly be dismantled. “We urge anyone who is interested in learning more or taking action to contact their local racial justice organisation.” The group said that they were “not associated with any particular organization although all of us do work as organisers in various Boston groups that combat white supremacy and racism.” “During the fourth inning of tonight’s game, four fans unfurled a banner over the left-field wall in violation of the club’s policy prohibiting signs of any kind to be hung or affixed to the ballpark,” the Red Sox spokesperson Zineb Curran said. “The individuals involved were escorted out of Fenway Park.” One of the protestors told CSN New England that Boston was chosen as a site to unfurl the banner because of the city’s history. “We see Boston continually priding itself as a kind of liberal, not racist city, and are reminded also constantly that it’s actually an extremely segregated city. It has been for a long time, and that no white people can avoid the history of racism, essentially. So we did this banner as a gesture towards that, to have a conversation about that.” The incident comes after the Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones said he was subjected to racial slurs during a game in May. Sam Kennedy, the Red Sox president, apologised to Jones after he told USA Today he was “called the n-word a handful of times” by supportersTwo of USA’s most prominent players, Michael Bradley and Christian Pulisic, have brushed off an extraordinary attack from Alexi Lalas after the player turned pundit attacked the team’s struggles to qualify for the World Cup. After a string of mediocre results, the US could face a playoff against Syria or Australia to qualify for next year’s tournament – if they make it that far in the first place. On Sunday, Lalas called the team ‘a bunch of soft, underperforming, tattooed millionaires’, as well as calling our players individually - including Bradley and Pulisic. Lalas said Bradley should “play better” and was too “zen”. On Wednesday, the Toronto FC midfielder sounded, well, zen when asked about Lalas’s comments. Alexi Lalas attacks Adidas Joe Colborne Jersey USA's 'soft millionaires' and 'Wonder Boy' Pulisic Read more “Part of being an athlete, a competitor is understanding that everybody has an opinion, especially in the world today,” Bradley told SportsNet. “Everybody has a platform to fire off a hot take whenever they want. It’s life. You’re in the wrong business if that throws you off. “You use it in the right ways, you use it as motivation. You make sure you don’t forget who the [critics] along the way are who had a lot to say. One of the recent [sayings] that I’ve seen that I like is, ‘The lion doesn’t care about the opinion of the sheep.’ I’ll leave it at that.
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2017 has become the year when absurd jokes appear to be coming true. When Dennis Rodman made his first trip to North Dustin Byfuglien Jersey Korea back in 2013, it was amusing to imagine the eccentric NBA legend acting as the United States’ de facto ambassador to the country. The idea was as preposterous as Donald Trump somehow being elected president. It sounds surreal, but with tensions rising between the two countries thanks to North Korea’s growing nuclear weapons program, there’s a very real possibility that Rodman, a man who once married himself, ends up playing a key role in preventing armageddon. Rodman himself certainly believes he will. In an interview with Good Morning Britain, the five-time NBA champion offered to “straighten things out” between Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, emphasizing that he considers both men friends. Dennis Rodman treats Kim Jong-un to some slam-dunk love Barbara Ellen Barbara Ellen Read more Rodman, along with a group of journalists from Vice, first visited North Korea in 2013 after an invitation from Kim. It turns out that the North Korean leader grew up a fan of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls teams from the 1990s. Rodman, one of the best defensive players of the era, was a key figure on those teams, although ultimately he received far more attention for his (literally) colorful antics than his formidable basketball skills. Rodman stood out on the court with his dyed hair and numerous piercings. Off the court, he moved from controversy to controversy, fueled by a near-limitless need for attention. Rodman dated several celebrities, most famously Madonna and Carmen Electra, appeared in terrible action movies, posed in wedding dresses and coffins to promote his tell-all books and became a tabloid fixture thanks to his self-destructive behavior. He was once even a candidate on Celebrity Apprentice, where Trump fired him for misspelling the name of the future first lady. Because of his history, few took his “basketball diplomacy” trip to North Korea very seriously. If they did, it was to criticize Rodman for participating in what was, at least partially, propaganda meant to humanize one of the world’s most notorious dictators. When Rodman proclaimed that he and Kim were “friends for life,” one wondered whether he had put any thought of the people his new best friend had imprisoned or executedTo Rodman’s credit, it turned out to be something more than a one-time publicity stunt. He made additional trips to North Korea and inevitably found himself in the middle of international incidents. In 2014, Rodman drew harsh criticism by suggesting that North Korea had a valid reason to keep American missionary Kenneth Bae locked up. Bae would later claim that Rodman’s comments indirectly lead to his release: “Because of his rant, the media attention to my plight was increased.” (Rodman, who would later apologize, entered rehab in the aftermath of the controversy.) Earlier this year Rodman’s agent said that his client helped convince North Korea to release American college student Otto Warmbier before his death. Now, nearly everyone else involved with Warmbier’s release has denied that Rodman had much to do with it, but the mere fact that he was in position to take credit is proof enough that he has become the unlikely face of US-North Korean relations. As North Korea expert Ken Gause said to Time that “he’s not the best ambassador we could have but it’s who we have.” In just about any other situation, Gause would be correct in describing Rodman as an utterly inappropriate ambassador – as the man himself admits “[Kim and I] ride horses, we hang out, we go skiing, we hardly ever talk politics and that’s the good thing.” Rodman also fundamentally lacks the tact and restraint required in most diplomatic situations, and has a tendency to make events all about himself. Dennis Rodman on probation after driving wrong way on highway Read more Oddly enough, all of these traits might make Rodman the perfect ambassador to North Korea. These are characteristics he shares with both Trump and Kim, which could go a long way to explaining how he became the only high profile individual with a direct line to both leaders. What makes the current situation between the United States and North Korea so unpredictable is that it’s a nuclear standoff without a rational actor on either side. No one has a realistic idea of how to deal with North Korea’s growing nuclear program, every option seems to either be ineffectual or potentially catastrophic. It’s also obvious that the Trump administration seems far more open to using nuclear weapons than any of the previous ones. There’s no obvious solution. Is it likely that a troubled basketball legend/terrible actor/reality show star could actually end up helping to avert a nuclear war? Probably not. It is worth giving him a shot? Well, why not? Could it just be magical thinking? Well yes, but considering everything that has happened in the last year, it’s foolish to rule Vic Beasley Womens Jersey out any event, no matter how preposterous
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The world’s leading anti-doping agencies have come together to demand Russia be banned from the Winter Olympics in Adidas Authentic Adrian Amos Youth JerseyPyeongchang next year and to warn the International Olympic Committee it must stop paying lip service to the fight against doping. In strongly worded comments after a meeting in Colorado between 17 anti?doping agencies, which included the US Anti-Doping Agency and UK Anti?Doping, the organisations also warned the IOC that its continuing reluctance to hold Russia to account for what it called “one of the biggest scandals in sports history” at the Sochi Winter Games in 2014 threatens the future of the Olympic movement. The fact that UK Anti-Doping is one of the voices calling for Russia’s exclusion is particularly significant given that it took charge of testing in Russia in early 2016, and has previously not put its name to statements condemning the country. inRead invented by Teads In a joint statement the national anti-doping leaders said: “The IOC needs to stop kicking the can down the road and immediately issue meaningful consequences. The failure to expeditiously investigate individual Russian athlete doping poses a clear and present danger for clean athletes worldwide and at the 2018 Winter Games. Icarus film finds more than Greek tragedy in Russia doping scandal Sean Ingle Sean Ingle Read more “We have serious doubts that the 2018 Games will be clean due to the incomplete investigation of massive evidence of individual doping by Russian athletes at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games and given the inadequate testing evidence of Russian athletes over the past four years. A country’s sport leaders and organisations should not be given credentials to the Olympics when they intentionally violate the rules and rob clean athletes.” The national anti-doping organisation leaders also urged Russia to take public responsibility for what it called “its fraudulent actions” detailed in the Richard McLaren report, which claimed that more than 1,000 Russian athletes had benefited from state-sponsored doping between 2011 and 2015. Nado added that Russia need to take a number of other steps to prove it was serious about reforming. Those included “a systematic effort to interview Russian athletes, officials and other witnesses exposed by the McLaren Report as having been potentially involved in the doping conspiracy” as well as turning over electronic data, “including servers, testing instrument data files, computer files, and email and text message archives from the time period of the Russian conspiracy, as outlined in the McLaren report. “The IOC and the World Anti-Doping Agency must insist Russia turn over this key additional evidence,” said the Nado leaders. “A full account and justice for clean athletes cannot be achieved without this information.” Nado’s toughest words came for the IOC, which it said had not done nearly enough to follow up the damning revelations in the McLaren report by banning guilty athletes and officials. Nuclear tensions cast chill over South Korea's Winter Olympic buildup Read more “The failure to properly investigate and prosecute free of sport-political influence those who violated anti-doping rules, breaks the trust with millions of clean athletes around the world,” they said. “This dereliction of duty sends a cynical message that those of favoured, insider nations within the Olympic movement will never be punished or held accountable, violating the fundamental covenant of fairness on which sport is based,” the leaders said. During the two-day meeting, the leaders also heard from the Russian whistleblowers Vitaly Stephanov and Yulia Stephanova, as well as Johann Olav Koss of the independent foundation Fair Sport. They did, however, keep open the door for some Russians to compete in South Korea as neutral athletes, provided they have been subject to robust anti-doping protocols, consistent with precedent established by the International Association of Athletics Federations. Advertisement They were also in no doubt the IOC needed to make a strong statement by banning Russia from the Winter Olympics – especially given this week the New York Times revealed that of 96 cases among athletes implicated in the Russian doping programme, 95 have been closed due to a lack of hard evidence. “Those appear to have been shut prematurely before the IOC or international federations have obtained complete evidence from the Moscow laboratory or interviewed the relevant witnesses” said the Nado leaders. “The mishandling of this Russia doping crisis has left the athletes of the world wondering if global anti-doping regulations have teeth and whether their fundamental right to clean sport matters. “It’s time for Adidas Jarome Iginla Womens Jersey action. Athletes want to see results – not more lip service – that actually support their decision to compete clean

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Jermaine Kearse is no fan of the Oakland Raiders' home field.

The New York Jets wide receiver played at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum a couple of times while a member of the Seattle Seahawks, and there's one aspect about it that drives him crazy.

I hate their field,"To be honest," Kearse said with a big smile Wednesday. "I can't stand that baseball part of the field."

and vice versa. During Raiders games,The Raiders share the stadium with the Oakland Athletics, the baseball diamond and infield dirt can be seen stretching from about the 50-yard line to the 20 on either side, so when both teams' seasons are underway simultaneously — as they are now — the field is converted from football to baseball, with the football yard lines marked off across the field.

Kearse and the Jets will play at Oakland on Sunday.

" said Kearse,Authentic Le'Raven Clark Jersey,"It comes with it,Womens D'Joun Smith Jersey, who last played there a few weeks ago for a preseason game with the Seahawks before being traded to the Jets. "You just have to tough it up and just go out there and play."

Despite that criticism,Womens Henry Anderson Jersey, Kearse enjoys the atmosphere that the costumed crowd — The Black Hole — brings to Raiders home games.

Jets quarterback Josh McCown played for the Raiders in 2007 and has experienced it from both sides — as a home player and as a visitor.

"They love their team and it's a rowdy atmosphere and they are behind their guys 100 percent,Womens Blake Bortles Jersey, and we joke about it is kind of like Halloween. Those people,Womens Phillip Dorsett Jersey," McCown said. "So it'll be a fun place, they go all out,Authentic Phillip Dorsett Jersey, a fun environment to go into and play and enjoy it. I've already told some of the guys, Authentic Blake Bortles Jersey, they asked me what's it like, and you love it. That's what having great fans is about, and so it will be fun to be a part of that environment and hopefully go in there and get a win."

though. The Raiders were approved by the NFL to move to Nevada in 2020,Womens Le'Raven Clark Jersey,The Black Hole will be on the move soon,Authentic Henry Anderson Jersey,and they plan to play at least two and possibly three seasons in Oakland.

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races to go and three points in it – Formula One has a finale to the season it has so desperately needed since the turbo-hybrid era began. It has had tight finishes, in 2014 and 2016, but only in a two-horse fight between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in the same Mercedes machinery. It was on occasion Dwight King Jersey gripping but nothing on this season’s struggle between two of the best drivers of their generation at the top of their games, representing different teams. Now Sebastian Vettel’s battle with Hamilton is entering the decisive phase. The sport’s owner, the Formula One Group, has been looking at ways to make F1 more attractive to new fans and old but the European leg of this season has made a straightforward point. Make the racing competitive and the fans will follow. Lewis Hamilton wins Italian Grand Prix to take lead in F1 title race Read more Having a strong Ferrari driven by Vettel was important to the record numbers at Monza but a fight at the front is the most crucial factor. That Mercedes are no longer simply in an intra-team battle has made all the difference. Hamilton leads Vettel by three points. It is the first time he has led the championship in a season that has ebbed and flowed across 13 races. Hamilton has the advantage in race wins on six to four but Ferrari have thrown their weight behind Vettel as their No1 driver and the German has made the most of every chance he has had when unable to win. In contrast on the circuits where he has struggled Hamilton has dropped points. Key to this has been the differing characteristics of their cars and their performance at different tracks. The Mercedes has been strongest on low-downforce, high-speed circuits with fast corners and finds its tyre-operating temperature window better in cooler climes. It has the more powerful engine but a longer wheelbase. Silverstone then had it all for the Silver Arrows and took a dominant win. The Ferrari comes into its own on high-downforce circuits with slower corners. It enjoys superb balance on entry and exit through the twisty stuff and has a wider operating window in high temperatures. The Scuderia had it their way in Hungary with a one-two. Mercedes are going to fit a new high-downforce package after Sunday’s race in Singapore and Ferrari have an engine upgrade to come. Their development battle will continue to the end. Even after a comprehensive defeat at Monza, Vettel was upbeat and confident Ferrari will rise to the challenge. Hamilton, with three wins from the past four races, is on a roll and has his team-mate Valtteri Bottas, who has just signed a new contract with Mercedes, ready to play the team game. Nothing is written in stone but as things stand how do the two rivals shape up over the remaining seven grands prixTwo members of the World Cup-winning USA women’s team of 2015 have signed up to Juan Mata’s initiative for footballers to donate 1% of their wages to charity. Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan have joined Manchester United’s Mata and the Bayern Munich defender Mats Hummels in pledging money to Common Goal, which supports global football initiatives for disadvantaged children. Juan Mata out to transform football and the world one per cent at a Glenn Hubbard Jersey time Read more “Myself and Alex felt it was important that women’s football was represented from the outset,” said Rapinoe, a midfielder with Seattle Reign in the National Women’s Soccer League. “We’re really looking forward to building the movement with Juan and Mats from here.” Rapinoe and Morgan each have more than 120 caps and have played in two World Cup finals, suffering defeat by Japan in 2011 before beating the same opponents four years later. Morgan, a striker with Orlando Pride, was recently on loan at Lyon. “As the global profile of women’s football continues to grow, players like myself and Megan will have an increasing number of opportunities to use our status for good,” Morgan said. “I’m thrilled to join Common Goal at this early stage and hope we can inspire many others to become part of the movement.” Mata is aiming to put together an XI of professional footballers for the project, which is overseen by streetfootballworld, a group of more than 120 local charities. “In Europe, we’ve just experienced a record-breaking transfer window,” Hummels said. “I think some fans are starting to feel alienated from the game in light of these kinds of developments. But as more players join Common Goal, we hope to show the world that football still has its heart in the right place
The Fifa president, Gianni Infantino, and secretary general, Fatma Samoura, were accused of “violating the norms and standards of good conduct” by a governance committee member Mark Barron Authentic Jersey who resigned, alleging they had improperly interfered with a decision. Navi Pillay, a renowned International Criminal Court judge and former UN High Commissioner of Human Rights, accused Infantino and Samoura of “undue influence” in her letter of resignation from the governance committee after its chairman Miguel Maduro was replaced without notice in May. Maduro told the House of Commons select committee for culture, media and sport on Wednesday that Infantino and Samoura had interfered and pressured him to change a decision to bar the Russian deputy prime minister, Vitaly Mutko, from standing for the Fifa council. Fifa ethics committee was investigating Gianni Infantino over election expenses Read more Maduro said Samoura argued the World Cup next year in Russia would be “a disaster” if Mutko were excluded and that as a consequence Infantino “feared for his presidency”. Maduro and the committee maintained their decision that Fifa’s rules requiring political neutrality did not allow a serving minister to be on the council. He said in parliament that Infantino had chosen “political survival” as the Fifa president, instead of properly maintaining the organisation’s independent reform structures following a deluge of corruption scandals. In her resignation letter to Samoura, published by the parliamentary select committee on Thursday, Pillay wrote: “I wish to draw your attention to the prohibition, in the rules, of improper interference, exercise of influence or pressure, and the need to disclose these approaches, if we had been subjected to them, rather than maintaining secrecy. “In compliance with this regulation, the facts of undue influence exerted on the Chair to change a recommendation made by the [governance committee], were made known to me.” Advertisement Written on 17 May, a week after the Fifa council summarily ended the tenures of Maduro and the ethics committee chairmen Cornel Borbely and Hans-Joachim Eckert, Pillay continued in her letter: “As a judge and former UN High Commissioner of Human Rights, I adhere to principled conduct at all times; and cannot countenance serving in an institution, whose officials violate the norms and standards of good conduct, that they themselves adopted.” Her strident criticism supported that of Maduro, who argues that Fifa has a “deeply embedded” culture, derived from self-interest and lack of governance, which makes it resistant to independent scrutiny, transparency and accountability. Pillay concluded that she lacked confidence in the future governance at Fifa, stating: “I remain concerned that the [governance committee]’s independent functioning will not be respected.” In a telephone conversation from her home in Durban, Pillay told the Guardian the involvement of other distinguished figures made her believe Fifa were serious reform. There was added significance for her, she said, because of the criminal allegations made by the US Department of Justice that South Africa’s bid to host the 2010 World Cup had paid $10m in bribes – which the bid officials and government have denied. “I went in with great admiration that Fifa had adopted good principles, but they didn’t even consider who we, people with some background in this work, and they rode roughshod over us,” Pillay said. “You cannot just have reform as rhetoric and carry on with the old ways. That is where the rots sets in, when you violate the rules yourself.” Another of three governance committee members who resigned, the New York University law professor Joseph Weiler, has complained to Fifa’s ethics committee, alleging improper influence by Infantino and Samoura. The English Football Association’s representative on the Fifa council, David Gill, approved the replacements of Maduro, Eckert and Borbely at the Fifa congress in Bahrain. He and the FA declined to comment following Maduro’s evidence in London. Fifa responded to Maduro’s accusations by saying it was “normal” for officials to be in regular contact with him: “Exchange between the administration and Fifa’s committees, which in the end all defend Fifa’s interests, are logical and even desirable,” Fifa said in a statement, “so for these exchanges to be portrayed as undue influence is factually incorrect.” But Maduro responded strongly to that, noting that Fifa did not contest that the exchanges with Samoura and Infantino had taken place, saying: “The fact that they don’t see anything wrong with what I portrayed is the strongest confirmation of how deeply embedded is the culture Cory Spangenberg Jersey I described. Genuine reform will only come about from the outside
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When Gareth Ellis’s illustrious playing career comes to an end at the conclusion of this Super League campaign, it is perhaps Shawn Horcoff Authentic Jersey fitting that his biggest challenge in his new role as the club’s head of rugby will be finding someone to replace himself. It was inevitable that if anyone were to drag Hull’s title challenge back on track here, it would be their talismanic captain. So often the man to pull them out of a hole when they need it most, Ellis’s late try – which put Hull ahead for the first and only time in a pulsating encounter – helped keep FC’s hopes of the double alive: but only just. For Hull, one of the two remaining play?off spots available now looks destined to be theirs; for Wakefield, this was another heartbreaking illustration of how cut-throat life at the top of Super League can be. Trinity, almost relegated in the Million Pound Game two seasons ago, should be rightly proud of how far they have come. That they are in title contention with a fortnight of the season remaining is a fine and fair indication of their progression – but they will feel that the past week represents a major opportunity missed in their efforts to take the next step. A late defeat against St Helens meant this game was going to be a must-win for Trinity. And while they again dominated for large periods of the match, they were left to rue a late collapse and an oh-so-close comeback, as Liam Finn’s last-gasp drop goal sailed inches wide and, in one moment, illustrated the fine margins between success and failure at this late stage of the season. “I couldn’t be any more proud of them,” their coach, Chris Chester, said. “We’re learning, just not quickly enough.” Trinity now need Castleford to beat Wigan on Sunday to set up a likely winner-takes-all collision for fourth between Wakefield and the reigning champions next weekend at Belle Vue. Trinity led 12-6 at half-time here and, on the balance of play, they may have felt aggrieved they were not further ahead. Tries from former Hull players Joe Arundel and Jacob Miller gave them a deserved advantage, improved further on half-time when Liam Finn kicked a penalty after Jamie Shaul had been sent to the sin-bin. Advertisement But Hull would make Trinity pay. They levelled when Marc Sneyd touched down to make it 12-12 before, with the pressure building late on, Ellis grabbed the headlines with what was the match-wining try – cruelly against the club that gave him his big break almost 20 years ago. The drama, though, was far from finished. Sneyd added a drop goal to open up a seven-point lead but, perhaps typically of Wakefield’s season, they would not buckle. Mason Caton-Brown finished a scintillating move, Finn converted from the touchline before narrowly missing a late drop goal attempt to let Hull off the hook and leave Trinity crestfallen. Hull Shaul; Fonua, Griffin, Tuimavave, Michaels; Kelly, Sneyd; Taylor, Houghton, Watts, Minichiello, Manu, Ellis. Interchange Connor, Thompson, Bowden, Fash. Tries Fonua, Sneyd, Ellis. Goals Sneyd 3. Drop goal Sneyd (74). Wakefield Grix; Jones-Bishop, Arundel, Tupou, Caton-Brown; Miller, Finn; England, Randell, Huby, Ashurst, Kirmond, Arona John-Michael Liles Womens Jersey Interchange Wood, Fifita, Annakin, Hasson
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