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Have you ever felt masochistic? You really don’t love yourself, deep inside? You want to feel pain, the likes of which you’ve never felt in a video game before? If you answered “yes” to all of these, then BLAMT is the Path of Exile race for you. BLAMT stands for Blood Magic, Lethal, buy poe items Ancestral, Multiple Projectiles, and Turbo. What does that mean? Let’s break it down.

Blood Magic: in this competition your character has no mana. All skills are paid for with life instead.

Deadly: all monsters deal 50% more damage, as well as 50% more damage as each element.

Ancestral: all areas have many totems.

Multiple Projectiles: any projectile attack used by monsters has four additional projectiles.

Turbo: monsters move, attack, and cast 60% faster.

Resurrect in town

This is you during BLAMT. Also me. Many times.

Basically, you’re gonna die. A lot. Painfully. Hillock will kill you in two hits, one if he lands a crit. Melee classes are forced to open chests and find a bow or wand in order to kite Hillock around. Every monster hits hard, and almost all of them stun you on every hit. Cheap Path Of Exile items Being stun locked is common, and you’re even more likely to die because the mobs move faster.

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