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Forinthry dungeon would continue to exist, but randomly in the actual wilderness areas, including dungeons revenants can spawn and roam across the wilderness and teleport in and away from dungeons like they used to in 2008-2011. They would be considerably stronger than your normal revenant, with around x2. 5 their stats, but have 3 rolls on the normal revenant drop table. This is to make sure reward for hunting these, but you wouldn't need expensive gear to deal with them, provided you can obtain food to 0. They could be known as (Sup. Revenant Dragon) in chat as an example. They would also manage to teleblock and freeze once again, with the freeze being a lot like nex's ice prison and not dealing damage, just stunning the player in place a couple of seconds (can't use freedom).

I think it has to be great update to help make the wilderness more enjoyment. There could either be separate worlds that they spawn on, or make it depending on that World's population for his or her chance to spawn, so if people want less chance for a revenant to attack these individuals and aren't a revenant finder, they could go into a lower population world. PvP would of course coincide using them (using the runescape gold to live up your level), so you can always reduce their spawn rate being very low for minimal interruption as well as a spawn cap for reduce population servers. Also, players could fight any amount of roaming revenant and revenants could attack any degree of player, but the demonic cranium would protect you coming from being attacked by them.

This update could also attract new variants of revenants like aviansie and corporeal beast, another thread I read also suggested "Dark Revenants" which only spawn after level 15 wilderness and have slightly better drop costs of pvp items and ancient artifacts.

I also wrote this idea on Reddit not too longer ago, and had 310 upvotes, with 79% supporting the idea. So I felt giving enough credibility to demonstrate that roaming revenants tend to be popular, desirable and would be befitting our game.

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By Ramirez Lee
Added Jul 18 '17



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