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A healthy mouth isn’t a result of a white smile. There is a lot that can be going in your mouth besides the fact that you have a healthy looking smile. Cavities are the most common disease which is found in most healthy-looking mouths and can ruin the smile if not taken care of.

There are numerous mistakes which you might not notice can ruin your healthy mouth. According to experts, there are 30 common mistakes which cannot be ignored. Let’s discuss some of the most common mistakes that you must avoid.

1.      Eating raw ice

Chewing ice can crack the teeth. It can result in exposed root nerves leading to a painful root canal. It is essential to quit on this habit, but if you cannot, it is better to chew crushed ice rather than ice cubes.

2.      Eating caramel and gummy bears

Caramel and gummy bear are sticky in nature and can get stuck in between your teeth. If you have a filling in your teeth, it can even dislodge it. If you cannot quit the habit of chewing gummy bears and caramel, make sure that you brush, rinse and floss after eating them.

3.      Putting the teeth through various temperatures

People often order a hot pizza and some cold beverage with it. It is a combination which cannot be overlooked by people. However, the combination of hot and cold can lead to damaged teeth. If you feel a sharp pain during changing temperature, it is important to visit an affordable family dental care to be able to recover the damage.

4.      Using teeth to open things

Opening cans and bottle caps with teeth may seem like a reasonable option, but it ca risk in chipping your teeth in between the process. Use the correct opening tools to open the cans and bottles.

5.       Aiming for a white smile

Over bleaching, the teeth can lead to severe damage of the protecting layer of the teeth known as enamel. This can cause sensitivity in the teeth. Make sure you use natural bleaching products which are mild on the teeth such as baking soda and lemon.

6.      Eating dried fruit

Who doesn’t love raisins? However, they are the worst of fruits containing a lot of sugar. This feeds the bacteria and creates cavities resulting in bad breath, plaque and other gum diseases.

7.      Chewing gum

Gum might be the favourite chewable candy of the baseball players and sportsmen, but they can cause damage to the teeth. If you like to chew gum, opt for a sugar-free version of it to create more saliva which is the natural layer of protectant of the teeth.

8.      Opting for a hard brush

When it comes to brushing the mouth, it is important to opt for a brush with soft bristles to ensure it doesn’t damage or lead your gums to bleeding. Strong brushes like any chewable and sticky candy can rid of the enamel from the teeth.

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