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Sure, there’s so much to look forward to during the summers but when it comes to our skin and hair, the weather proves to be rather problematic for us. From melting makeup to a constant feeling of irritation, summers can be a trying time for our beauty routine. Precisely why you need a set of hair, makeup and beauty tips, especially for this season. Here’s a low-down...

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Swear by sunscreen

If you need to invest in one product during the summers, let it be sunscreen. Remember that the sun rays can do extreme damage to your skin—from dark spots to sun burn. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 for best results. Make sure you apply this all over your face and body to ensure that you’re armed against UV rays.

Experiment with updos

If you ask us, our go-to summer hairstyle will always be a top knot. But if you’re the experimental kinds and are looking for the right beauty tips for summers, make sure you try various updos—from ballerina buns to braided knots. This will ensure that your hair doesn’t get too greasy and stays away from your face and neck.

Promise to exfoliate

While following the cleansing-toning-moisturising guide is of utmost importance to your summer beauty routine, it is just as necessary to scrub your face and body twice a week, especially during this season. It is during this weather that your skin is ridden with bacteria and grime, thanks to the humidity in the air. This is when you need to rely on a good exfoliant to buff away the dead cells and remove bacteria from your skin.

beauty tips for summer

Stick to weightless and waterproof makeup

If you’re looking for a makeup tip for the summers, this is it— go as light as possible. Caking your face up with too much makeup can be rather heavy on the skin. Make sure you go for lighter bases with medium coverage like CC creams or BB creams that feel feather-like on the skin. Along with that, make sure you rely on everything waterproof during this season. Because well, who wants those raccoon eyes, right?

Rely on clarifying cleansers for the hair

This when the humidity gets to your scalp—a greasy feeling along with itchiness is common during this season. Worse, if you’re addicted to blow dryers, the heat gets trapped in the scalp causing your hair to turn further oily. This is why you need a detoxifying shampoo and conditioner as a part of your hair care routine since that cleanses your scalp thoroughly before you step out.

Keep face mists handy

What do face mist do? They instantly cool your face down! Summers are when your face always feels irritable. A face mist will soothe your skin and give it instant hydration. Just make one at home and store it in the fridge before taking it with you while stepping out. Treat this as a part of your skin care routine all through this season.



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