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As we all know, the Path of Exile S11 season has officially started on March 20th, and the name of this season is "Frightened Misty", which is also a pre-version before the official version 4.0 is launched. All the fear comes from the unknown, so what will happen in this new season?



New S11 Season Gameplay [Nightmare Simulation]

You can find the nightmare mimicry shards by digging deep into the "Frightened Misty". With a sufficient number of nightmare mimicry slivers, you can open the "Frightened Misty" portal. In addition, the nightmare orb can be used to control the intensity of the startling fog on the map of the outer world. Five orbs (up to five) give a map the ultimate difficulty and ultimate reward. The five orbs are: Moist Orb of Currency (after use, it can be used to reward currency such as POE Exalted Orb, equipment, items, armor), Mist Orb of Essence (reward essence), Foss Mist orb (reward fossil), Mist Orb of Maps (reward map), Mist Orb of Legends (reward legendary items).



New items appearing in the S11 season

Talent expansion. Putting cluster jewels in the outer jewel slot of the talent tree can expand the talent tree. You can also create affixes and strengthen the resulting talents. You can gain the ability from 280 new core talents, and even connect additional talents to the inner ring. Slot. In the S11 season, all monsters will drop cluster jewelry. This is the most significant improvement to the custom BD after the introduction of the sublimation profession! Also added four skill gems and three auxiliary orbs. Not only that, but also a lot of new destiny cards and legendary POE Chaos Orb.



Outside world change

In this season's map of the outside world, the first picture: Conqueror encounter. The second picture: no encounter but progress. The third picture: Conqueror encounter. The fourth picture: no encounter but progress. Fifth picture: Conqueror encounter. After you have explored all 5 maps, you can hit the conqueror. At the same time, the sextant can be updated and upgraded.

MMO is a fun game. As long as the number of players is stable, the only thing that may end is the decision of the developer. In this way, they are truly endless. Similarly, if they don't have enough players to play, then they will never leave the ground in the first place. The Path of Exile has been running for seven years and its success is largely due to its fan base. At the same time, there are website support like, players can Buy POE Orbs at a cheap price, improve the player's gaming experience, and promote the better development of the Path of Exile.

To emphasize this, the game began in 2020 with a new expansion and challenge league, the Metamorph League. With new and updated mechanics and features, the game still excels. But Grinding Gear Games' plans go far beyond that. They plan four expansions each quarter of each year! This is more opportunity to take risks and collect PoE balls. More challenges are waiting for you! Let's take a look at our expectations for GGG.

Path of Exile 2

Unfortunately, the Path of Exile 2 will not be released this year. Don't worry, development is still ongoing. Beta testing may begin later this year. It may be in the second half of the year, so it will take some time. You can rest assured that its development is still in progress and will be released soon. how long? It depends on the progress of the process!

Path of Exile 2 is not an independent game. It works effectively as a game's 4.0.0 patch. It will feature a brand new campaign, a new physics engine, and better graphics. The characters you use on the former are not used on the latter. You must create a new one. Fortunately, any micro-transaction PoE items you have previously purchased will be retained.

PoE mobile version?

You can also expect news about the Path of Exile mobile port. They will decide whether to release the port. As it stands, it's still experimental and developers haven't decided what it is yet. When they finally figure it out, you can look forward to the news. Be patient!

If you consider the catastrophic reaction to the Diablo mobile port, you can forgive them for being cautious about it. Things may be different, but you can't deny the fear that the same thing will happen when trying a similar operation. Again, you cannot predict how people will react. In any case, we will receive news about this sooner or later.

in conclusion

2020 will be a bumper year for the Path of Exile. There are many expectations. The planned extensions, sequels, and possibly even mobile ports, are just a few of the fans preparing to buy. Anyone who likes this game will have enough energy to keep them busy for a year. Both veterans and newbies should expect better and better things. Players who Buy Chaos Orb at will enjoy a discounted price for better development of the Path of Exile.

This is a dynamic adventure and another year of successful PoE currency cultivation. Continue to enjoy the Path of Exile!
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Before the co-founder of Grinding Gear Games went to bed, he was running the highest-level character in the game on the first night of The Closed Alpha Test of Path of Exile. At that time, the Path of Exile gradually disappeared in the first act of imprisonment. Now, after several years of free expansion, it is one of the most valuable PC games around. The first player to remain vigilant was the first step in admiring fandom, and he is now playing thousands of role-playing games. But Wilson and his team have almost done it. Success almost killed the Path of Exile.

For a long time, if you have a positive opinion of the Path of Exile, it will usually be accompanied by a response, and someone will ask to cancel the synchronization. Even with the scale and strength of the game expanding, the team still worried that one day, the albatross on their neck would sink them. In the end, Grinding Gear released "The Path of Exile 2.0.0" in 2015, which relieved the trouble of synchronization. Now, Wilson is worried about how often he sees players complaining about clumsy combat animations. "Indeed, we've completely redone all of these things, but again, this is a long-term project planned for next year." When playing live games, the studio couldn't climb to the point where they could rest. To the point. Can't finish it.

If you log in to Steam at any time in the last three years, you will know that Grinding Gear not only decided to take over the world but also succeeded. Since the team adopted a rigorous 13-week schedule, with the release of each league, the number of players they have seen has increased by 20%, which is the performance of Diablo in the Diablo season. This is a reversal of industry standards, ignoring the development trajectory of even companies like World of Warcraft.

"It's been six years on the Path of Exile and we still see new records," Wilson said. "Our highest month is December. We expect to break even more records in the coming years, especially A large number of 4.0.0 will be released next year. ”Paradoxically, the rapid turnover of the expanded business has helped keep the studio's much-needed staff-as a New Zealand PC game developer, Grinding Gear is still an island. Follow, will continue to provide you with more latest news about the Path of Exile, and at the same time, you can Buy Exalted Orb to help you better play in the game.
Two very important sequels released in mid-November excited the audience for action role-playing games: Diablo 4 and Path of Exile II. The first Path of Exile was released in 2013 and is very close to Diablo III. Unlike Blizzard's ubiquitous charges, PoE is a completely free online action role-playing game in which your money can only provide you with decorative items and never bring you, other competitors, The advantages. Of course, players can also choose to Buy POE Currency in those currency exchange stores, this is a very common method. Similarly, Diablo 3 has chosen a lighter method than its predecessor in aesthetics and tends to introduce more orthodox aesthetics in Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft with rougher polygons and strange colors. In contrast, the Path of Exile is still loyal to a very dark aesthetic, while still having its beauty.

Grinding Gear is designed to substantively and profoundly reinvent the game to include the second part of the game in a common "ecosystem." "Path of Exile" will be more than a single story. It will begin seven acts in the 20 years after the first act and improve the game and system from graphics to skills and general gameplay. This means that players may be able to place items from the first round to the second round. In keeping with its culture, Grinding Gear has announced that the transition to Path of Exile II will include no fees. After all, this company was created by genre enthusiasts who just want to make their favorite games and complete them in the way described above.

In this case, waiting for a clear release date is not appropriate. Path of Exile will continue to be updated and expanded over three months, with content appearing in the second game. Therefore, Path of Exile II will enter the public beta period at the end of 2020.

There is no doubt that our journey into the world of Wraeclast will continue with the same qualities that the creators of the Path of Exile have provided us for many years. This is a great opportunity for those who want to try Path of Exile. but an opportunity for those who have already completed the adventure to incarnate a lot of new POE Currency, POE Orbs in their treasures in the next truly honest game!
The release date for Path of Exile 2 is coming, and the game was announced by Grinding Gear Games during this year's ExileCon, along with a trailer for the long-awaited sequel. As the trailer unveils the familiar dark environment and the scary enemies, the game promises to take you into a whole new world to explore. There are so many things to tell, fans of the first Path of Exile are waiting to experience what the Path of Exile offers. GGG has been working hard to improve the onboarding experience on the Path of Exile.

The new campaign and skill system in Path of Exile 2 is designed to eliminate early frustration and increase retention for new players. At the same time, the Path Of Exile 2 will be to add some new Exalted Orb on top of the existing ones, adding more playability. Having said that, in our experience, every change we have made in the past to increase the onboarding rate has little impact on overall player retention. We have also seen echoes from other free game developers.

Although Grinding Gear Games did release the official trailer for Path of Exile 2, because the game appears to be still in its early stages of development, no highly anticipated sequel release date has been set. Developers say that the Beta version of Path of Exile 2 may begin in late 2020, although the Beta version may also be postponed to the future. Due to the expected release date of the beta, Path of Exile is likely to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2021.

Fans are eager to wait for the sequel by continuing to play the original game without having to worry, as Grinding Gear Games assures players that the three-month expansion cycle of the Path of Exile will continue during development. will continue to bring you the latest information about the Path of Exile. At the same time, we also run related items on the Path of Exile. At present, Christmas discounts are on fire. Buy Exalted Orb now and you will be able to enjoy 6% Surprise Christmas discount, details can be found on the homepage of the website.
Originally revealed during Exliecon in November 2019, the latest version of this dungeon-crawling masterpiece was released on the PC platform a few days ago. Now, as the adventure progresses, players can return to the Battle of Atlas and take on a whole new set of challenges. After discovering an ancient primitive force roaming and battling the world atlas, it saved the world, and it turns out that everything seems to be nothing. The long-term exposure to the distorted reality of Altas has made the world for which players struggle. The Atlas Conqueror calls on fighters to draw a line from some powerful new enemies.

For clear improvements, the latest Path of Exile content is included in a series of new maps, boss encounters, and items to enhance your heroic qualities. Five new boss encounters will increase the difficulty with a series of Atlas "Watchstones" that fit into your pocket. Each stone allows players to discover hidden maps and affect the difficulty of these areas. Of course, this also includes a box full of new loot and takeaway items, new Chaos Orb items, and powerful equipment.

However, enhanced armor will not make this expansion difficult. The entire update is handled by the Metamorph Challenge League. The Alliance takes any boss from the Road to Exile, samples their skills, and creates a powerful new boss encounter, building those skills to crush your feet. These boss modes take traits from a series of enemies and change dynamically, making each encounter difficult to predict. Providing part of the Path of Exile for free is a huge change. If you haven't tried The Path of Exile before, this may be the best time, and veterans are still wandering to figure out what happened. it provides suggestions for all novice players on the Path of Exile. When you feel that the game process is difficult, Buy POE Items can effectively help you and improve your gaming experience, which is very helpful for you to maintain your interest in the game.
Even by Grinding Gear Games standards, the conquerors of the newly released Atlas Extended Edition are huge, turning the end of Atlas completely. In the storyline of the last endgame, players will find an ancient primitive force, wandering in the "world atlas", chasing it to the center of the atlas, But what if another group of exiles succeeded in getting rid of the Atlas of Elders? What if these exiles threaten your world? In "The Conqueror of Atlas", you will find out what the long-term exposure to madness, the twisted Atlas world will do to the careless, and you will be the last defense against new enemies.

Introduced five extremely difficult boss encounters, an insertable Atlas "watch stone" that allows you to show maps that were once hidden and control the difficulty of the maps you challenged, and a series of new unlocking rewards that Atlas' conquerors will provide Dozens of even the best "Path of Exile" players will face hundreds of hours of new challenges, and for returning players who don't follow the announcement, there will be at least an hour of confusion.

All of them are tied with the Transformers Challenge Alliance. In the Metamorph Challenge League, you can take samples from any monster in the Path of Exile, assemble them into powerful boss enemies, and be able to use the skills of the monsters in the samples used. Yes-you can build your boss! Wow, this is cool, but not every player can easily complete it. When necessary, Buy Exalted Orb will help you well. The boss you create will transfer form between all the sampled monsters, making the battle both playful and visual.

Once you reach the atlas (and start exploring huge changes), you can even sample from a powerful map owner. The stronger the enemy you create, the more reward you will get. If you are lucky enough, you will get a new type of POE Orbs called Catalysts. This currency is versatile and can be used to enhance certain attributes on amulets, belts, and rings. We are extremely excited to see how players respond to all new challenges and the challenges they bring to themselves through the Metamorph system. And, as always, all features are 100% free. We hope you can join us!

Path of Exile Fans have a lot of expectations in the future, such as the newly announced "experimental" mobile version of action RPG. The Road to Exile is the most popular action role-playing game, and it has been six years since its debut. Although the original game still maintains an active (and growing) player base, the upcoming sequel comes in parallel with several other developments that fans of the series might expect. The most professional Chaos Orb traders will remind you to read more details, please continue.

At ExileCon in Auckland, New Zealand, developer Grinding Gear Games detailed several announcements related to the Path of Exile franchise. The biggest confirmation of this is that "Path of Exile 2" will be available in the second half of next year, which will provide a brand new battle while bridging the gap between the original gamers (in terms of content). In addition to the introduction of the sequel, Grinding Gear Games also detailed the original mobile version of the Road to Exile on the scene and is currently in development, although no exact release date has been released for the iteration of the game.

In a trailer released by Grinding Gear Games, the studio clarified that the mobile version of "Path of Exile" is currently "experimental" and that the release of the mobile version will depend on feedback and reactions from fans. Similarly, the studio also detailed that the mobile version will also be designed to provide fair monetization for players and will not rely on microtransactions, and the mobile version will be developed in-house by Grinding Gear (rather than outsourced to other companies) (studio or team).

In addition to showing the mobile version of Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games has released a new trailer for the game, which includes the next expansion of the core game. The new extension is called "The Conqueror of the Atlas", and it will provide players with a new storyline, as well as new maps, skills, loot, and more. If you want to learn more about the Path of Exile and POE Items Buy at a cheap price, you can follow us and we will bring you more surprises.
Grinding Gear Games has been busy for a while, preparing to deliver The Atlas Conqueror, the largest expansion of The Path of Exile, tomorrow when they held the Reddit AMA, discussing cross-development, potential Switch ports, Vulkan, Linux, etc. problem.

AMA is hosted by veteran game designer Rory Rackham and co-founders Chris Wilson and Jonathan Rogers. The first problem is a multiplayer party game, which has a lot of long-standing problems, but there is nothing new in this area there is no effect opacity slider for the time being.

When asked if he was interested in ensuring that the path to exile supports cross-platform upgrades or Nintendo Switch ports, Wilson said they were very interested in both. However, the lack of endless resources or time means that these things will require more careful planning. In other words, not yet. The addition of new Path of Exile Currency also increases the playability of the game, providing more possibilities for players to play.

As for the changes brought by Atlas Conqueror, some players on the Path of Exile are worried that the change in the melee is too drastic, but Wilson emphasized that the change is far less bad than it sounds.

"The damage done to monsters is not as great as you think (and you can use the new stats to reduce physical damage reduction map mods), the new Influence modifier will mean that new methods of making melee weapons are available, and always there are some cool new mechanisms that can be used. However, we do not expect melee to be popular because there are not too many shiny new things in this patch, which is normal in a meta-cycle. " But melee is not impossible to play. If the player Buy POE Currency, then no matter what the role changes, it ca n’t affect it.

There was also some discussion of Linux support for Path of Exile, and we were optimistic about how GGG announced Vulkan ports and Mac clients. Developers seem worried about the amount of support this move will require, but they say they can always limit it to choosing a distribution, which is no different than what Steam does for Linux support.
Recently, with the release of Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2, action RPGs have revived. Both games are incredible for anyone who likes them, but the release of Path of Exile 2 is confusing for many. Path of Exile 2 is a huge update to the first game, adding a huge 7-act campaign with some new content. Let us follow the good POE Currency Dealers: for more details.

Path of Exile 2 took place 20 years after the original event. After the player kills the corrupt god Kitava, the land of Orias is saved, and the player will continue to fight in the map, the program dungeons with modifiers. The PoE 2 trailer shows a much darker scene with more terrible enemies and bricks, and there seems to be a new deity or nature on the rise. It will be interesting to see how Grinding Gear Games shows the consequences of Acts 6-10 in the sequel.

If players fight in the same area, the sequel will quickly become boring. From the footage released so far, the area of Act One is reminiscent of Diablo and the surprising Dark Soul. The dim caves and inspired swamps helped change the fairly ordinary city and started from the first inning. With the emergence of these new environments, new enemies will fight: some enemies explode in blood, angering nearby enemies; thrown fish fall from the skeleton archer, and undead swarm to the player's position, which makes the game's Starting is more engaging than the introduction of the first game.

Although not many new weapons have been shown so far, the spear has been confirmed in Path of Exile 2. This weapon prototype has been requested by the community for many years, Developers are happy to receive feedback from fans. If the spear sounds less interesting, certain passive skills in the new `` Advantage '' course allow players to use bows and arrows as melee weapons, opening up a mix of melee and ranged play styles, both of which will add drama to the game Constructing diversity and replay value, Path of Exile 2 has advantages over competitors. you can follow We will provide you with the latest Path of Exile information in real-time, and you can also Buy POE Orbs at a cheaper price to quickly improve your gaming experience. We are POE player best partner.
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