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The question of whether it is less regressive to fictionalize an existing culture, or to just lift it wholesale,gangster games online  lies in how to affects those we actually represent that culture, and if they’ve been a sufficient part of the creative process and allowed to drive the conversation. The Mayan and Incan cultures that Shadow of the Tomb Raider lifts from may no longer exist, but their descendants do. If they do not benefit from the retelling and reinventing of their own history by outsiders, then, as with Lara’s many excursions into foreign lands for items she has no legitimate claim on, they will be treated as if they belong to everybody. This is an issue in that, Lara Croft is from a country known for its long history of imperialism, cultural theft and extreme violence. The British Museum is a monument to its colonialist past, to this day refusing to return many of its stolen items, from the Egyptian Rosetta Stone to the Grecian Elgin Marbles. Given how little progress has actually been made since the free-for-all days of early archaeology, it’s not only valid to ask questions about how we frame the acquisition of cultural heritage artifacts, but also vital to dispute the idea that our curiosity and desire for knowledge outweighs the need for permission. When our sense of entitlement is framed as in the best interest of the people whom we subject it to, it harkens back to an era when a self imposed authority to enforce “civilization” was used to justify the subjugation of a significant portion of the world. It’s the sort of possessiveness that the game professes to challenge.

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