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After crowdfunding in 2012, Grinding Gear Games' "Path of Exile" was first released on Microsoft Windows in 2013, and it had 5 million players in a short period of time. In 2017, "Path of Exile" will be available on Xbox One, and will enter PlayStation 4 in 2019. After performing well on these platforms, it is now about to enter the Mac.

Why are there so many action games, but Path of Exile is so good? I think this is inseparable from the characteristic POE Currency system, and it is free to use with developers, focuses on "ethical micro-conversion", and does not include a "win-win wall". Of course, there are challenging game options.

This is an evolving adventure, with new expansions every 13 weeks. In these expansions, players will discover new challenges, items, skills, and other changes that will increase the nuance of the game and renew interest in the game.

Scimitar and slash fighting are not suitable for the weak, because it is often a more punitive experience that violent players will enjoy. In addition, players can choose from seven different character categories, choose from 19 dominant categories, and customize their characters using the skill tree. This means they can create characters that suit their combat preferences and play games as needed.

If you like demanding games (such as Diablo) and have a Mac, you should actually check it out when you start the game.

Path of Exile has always insisted on continuous expansion and updates in order to provide each player with the best gaming experience. Players can set up the server according to their preferences in the game. These changes are more humane. Only players can play in the game. It makes sense to harvest more happiness. When players encounter trouble in the game, they can POE Currency Buy to change the status quo and make themselves more comfortable in the game.

The various gems in the POE are one of the decisive factors for players to get a good gaming experience. Therefore, players must choose the gems that suit their characters so that each gem can play its best role. Players who forcibly place gems in unmatched positions will not receive the expected effect. Because gems are so important in the game, savvy players will treat gems as an investment. When the return is greater than the investment, they don't need to spend time to get a small amount of POE Currency and POE Orbs.

Players who can reasonably use gems will take the lead in gaining an advantage in the game to crush other players. You can get gems in the game by performing tasks, usually suitable for your character’s occupation. For example, the chief characteristics of Shadow are agility and intelligence, so players will get gems that match them, but sometimes he will also get gems that give him extra power. Remember that they don’t always need to use gems that match the players’ self-built characters. Sometimes other colors are equally effective. We all know that novice players cannot use most of the gems because of their strength limitations.

Gems are the same as the characters created by the players themselves and can also be upgraded to become stronger. On the other hand, if players have a gem that can play a big role but now have higher conditions, then this will also be against you. This is very common for gems that do not meet the character level. Therefore, it is worthwhile to occasionally purchase convenient POE Items suitable for players’ personalities and selected skills.

There is a convenient way to ensure that players suddenly have too high a level of ineffective gems. Usually, gems upgraded automatically, but they can adjust it to manual in the game settings. This way they can control the level of gems and never encounter unusable gems. After the above description, players should all understand how important gems are for novice players. Facing more and more new content, they should Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs to deal with the next challenge.
In “Path of Exile”, trading items with other players is itself a complete set of other games. Almost every loot you find in your adventure can be traded, and if you know what you are looking for, you can earn POE Currency. But what if you don’t know how to trade in the “Path of Exile”? Don’t sweat. This guide covers all the basics.

If you are just starting to play games, a large part of the amazing “Path of Exile” is its complicated barter economy. Unlike Diablo 3, you don’t have a single currency like gold to buy items from NPC vendors or other players. Instead, trades in Path of Exile are done in multiple currencies, which can also double as production resources. When you sell the loot to the seller, they will also pay you in these currencies. It’s complicated, but don’t consume too much sweat-soon, you will master everything.

The trading method of “Path of Exile” is to find a person in person and manually trade with them. You can drag each item from the inventory to the trading window. This requires both participants to agree before they complete the transaction.

This is difficult and requires some money. You must have a premium storage tag to list the products for sale and make them appear on Poe. trade. I can find boxes in every major center and your hiding place. This is your hiding place. Usually, there are only four basic labels (such as paper) for loot storage.

However, please making a tab public does not mean that anyone can come and take your items.

In the “Path of Exile” micro transaction store, you will find a category of “Hidden” tabs, which offers many tabs for various purposes. Some have special layouts to organize your handicrafts, maps, or other unique types of loot you might find. If you choose Buy POE Currency, it is worth investing in several of these tabs.

In the past few years, the free-to-play style has exploded, launching off-road vehicles with ethical monetization practices, predatory video games, in order to find unique games. Even if growth brings a new console experience-if you want, you can try our ranking of one of the best free Xbox One and PS4 video games-PC is the source of many free video games. Among them, the path of exile with POE Currency as the mainstream performed well. From Brawlhalla to Warplanes, here is one of the best free PC video games.

It takes a lot of effort to compile any video game list without mentioning Fortnite. Epic Video Games’ large-scale battle royal title has entered early entry in the past three years alone, and withdrew early entry earlier in those 12 months. In any case, it has attracted thousands of gamers due to challenges, rare skins and pauses. Fortnite is the main feature, not only because it is a free PC entertainment activity, but also because it is usually an excellent entertainment activity. If you just dive into the water now, make sure to learn on one of the best landing spots and learn how to win the game without building.

Dauntless is mainly a free Monster Hunter, which is easier to use. Not only can you get Dauntless for free, but you can also choose and play games more easily than Monster Hunter World. Fighting is easier to get people into trouble. Although the main styles such as endurance management and lack of animation cancellation are currently popular, they are more forgiving in Dauntless.

Developer Phoenix Labs will not provide you with microtransactions. Making new armors and weapons to deal with bigger monsters is part of the free expertise. The vast majority of microtransactions are beautiful. You may be able to gain an advantage in the upgrade of "Hunting Move"-a fearless charge-but you don't have to spend any cash to be with fearless good times. In addition, it also helps the interaction between PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Swap, so you can pair with your friends regardless of the platform they use.

Since its launch in 2013, the "Path of Exile" developer Grinding Gear video game has maintained a transparent stance on microtransactions: You should buy objects in the game, but they don’t give you an advantage in any way (a sign of cynicalism) Heart of free players). As for the sport itself, "Path of Exile" is an isometric action role-playing game set in a dark fantasy world. Felling and logging is an important part of this sport, but "Path of Exile" also has a lot of depth. Character customization is infinite in principle. Players can improve their own deficiencies through POE items, which provides a strong driving force for the usually monotonous characteristics of ARPG.

It is best to recover and hone your expertise as soon as possible; Grinding Gear plans to release "Path of Exile 2" in the next 12 months.


The feature of the latest Path of Exile Alliance is to plant monsters in the garden, and then collect POE Orbs for sweet, sweet rewards.

"Path of Exile" was first launched in 2013. These monsters are in a dark and terrifying fantasy world full of immortal and hostile wildlife. Like other ARPGs that inspired him (such as "Diablo 2"), players will find randomly generated maps, kill large numbers of enemies, and collect armor, weapons and various other items for the entire army.

Leagues are introduced every few months. These leagues provide a new starting point and new game mechanics. In sharp contrast with the previous league deli (a nightmare shrouded in black mist in reality), the current league harvest has a bright and colorful garden. Path of Exile: Harvest introduced the sacred forest, a new area created by the mysterious Oshabi. Among them, players can choose to plant seeds to germinate monsters that can be harvested for life.

As you travel around the world, players will see the blue glowing root pointing in the direction of the seed cache. Three things happen after the player clicks on the seed cache. First, it discards certain types of seeds. Secondly, Oshabi will appear beside the gate leading to the sacred forest. Third, if the player has planted seeds before, his growth cycle will be doubled. For example, most level 1 seeds require three growth cycles to fully mature, which means players must interact with the three seed storage areas from the beginning of planting.

To collect seeds, players must be equipped with a picker and at least be prepared to harvest eight seeds in the collection area. After clicking the collector, the player needs to buy POE items to prepare the monster that sprouts seeds. By defeating them, collectors can collect their lives. Different seeds sprouted different monsters, which changed the impact on the production system. Monsters also drop items, and sometimes higher-level seeds.


On June 19 of this year, the POE game team announced to players their second new league of the year called Harvest. This new league brings players a different style experience than before. Because the players subconsciously think it must base the POE league on crazy battles. Only the theme of this new league is agriculture. Players can get rare materials and abundant vitality that can exchange POE Currency through their hard work in the new league.

Now many players have spent nearly a month and a half in the new league. They already have their own understanding of the gameplay and game rhythm in Harvest. Under normal circumstances, they will go to the sacred jungle to get the seed cache and bring it back to the garden to plant and wait for the birth of the monster. Once the seeds mature and produce monsters, they will immediately kill them to get many valuable items. They can use what they get to enhance weapons and equipment or improve skill damage, or they can be processed and sold in exchange for many POE Items to maintain their daily game activities.

Although the players have a great time in the new league, there are also some problems and bugs in Harvest. Some time ago, the development team worked hard to repair and improve it to bring players a better gaming experience. Players now have a greater chance of picking up high-level seeds instead of only level 1 seeds as before. Every seed has a monster associated with it. Some simple seeds only need time to grow, while more advanced seeds require complex resources produced by planting simple seeds.

Many beginners who have just joined the game now can only support their own game activities and cannot get more POE Orbs and POE Items. The reason is that they still don’t understand the direct relationship between pay and harvest. Many old players will suggest that they POE Currency Buy to increase their planting volume so they can eventually make more profits. Come and experience the best Harvest.

This year’s POE league plan has come to the second. Because of the impact of the previous COVID-19, the game team took a week longer than usual to complete the development of Harvest. It will definitely have some influence on the next league release plan. Players hope they can experience the new league in September and December on time. For this reason, they have now stored a lot of POE Currency. I have to say that they are wise to do so.

The game team can only guarantee that they can launch the next new league on time in September. But the bad news is that since the developers set the new league release date in December around Christmas, they want to spend more time with their families. If there is any bug in the game, developers will still react quickly. Now the game team intends to start the release of the new league in September twelve weeks after the release of the current Harvest League so that the new league in December can release on time.

It means that if everything goes well, maybe they still have enough time to prepare for the new league in December and release it in advance. Players should be mentally prepared because it only based on the best situation. And what makes some users thrilled is that they will experience Path of Exile on Mac soon. It is worth mentioning that they have to debug the Vulkan released on the PC before releasing it on the Mac.

Some time ago, the game team said that they will not release POE 2 Beta this year. Because they must first ensure that they can release the new leagues of each quarter on time, and second, they will pay attention to POE 2 Beta if they have free time and energy. Players should also Buy POE Items to support their game journey to be healthy and sustainable. Let us look forward to what the game team can bring us next.

The free-to-play action role-playing game "Path of Exile" has released a free extension that provides a way to farm monsters alongside new items and new items.

The expansion of the harvest introduces the "sacred forest", an ancient garden where players can plant monsters-generating plants to kill enemies. Players can find these plant seeds anywhere in the world, but some seeds are rare and need POE Currency to produce more powerful or legendary monsters.

The monsters defeated and harvested will be rewarded with production options and the "life force" required for production. There are even pipes, condensers and diffusers, all of which are necessary to help plant more exotic seeds.

The Harvest extension improves the passive skill tree by improving certain mechanisms (such as two-handed weapons) and completely adding new passive skills. The expansion also adds eight new skills, two auxiliary gems and 12 unique items, while rebalancing 50 existing items.

The extended version is free for all "Path of Exile" players, but there are multiple Harvest support packages, which include premium currency, in-game items, and digital soundtracks, and the price is $30 or $60, respectively.

Path of Exile has been updated for a while, players are looking forward to the update of Path of Exile 2, because every update can bring us surprises, and players can better enjoy the game brought by POE Chaos Orb Fun, which is why the public likes it.

The war has broken out in full. Continuous shouting can now be healed, and it also has an elemental resistance in existing skills. We can now use tear of Fear as a POE Currency instead of an item. It can cause your next attack to double damage. The ancestor’s cry is a brand-new skill that will make your next few strikes also target nearby enemies. Earthquake Shout is another extra feature that allows your slam effect to have a larger range.

The Sound of Summoning will now increase the buff of nearby allies, allowing them to gain a certain percentage of weapon damage as additional damage, and boost the next few attacks. Hell’s Tears is the call of the new bottomless abyss, now covering nearby enemies with ashes, causing them to explode upon death. Finally, the general’s cry is another new skill that can be associated with melee attacks. It will generate ghosts when used. This skill will be used once before dissipating. This is like the way the Savior works.

As always, the biggest change is the overhaul of the skill tree. This time there are many such variants offering many version variants and many recent versions. The timeless trapezoid has brought many changes, some of which have become the core of the tree and have been replaced by the new trapezoid in jewelry.

I have also added new important clusters around the tree. As always, they are very strong and have a new reputation that can make Elusive a powerful, more powerful brand, and even Tribal Fury enjoys a natural reputation on the tree-no painting required! These are powerful tools for developing various functions and providing more functions. There are more!

My favorite new jewelry so far is the timeless cornerstone of jewelry, called Supreme Ostentation. The content is: “Ignore the attribute requirements. I will obtain no inherent reward from the attribute.” This is definitely the definition of build support. You can buy POE items immediately, if possible, this may be the best item in the game. However, it can also simplify adjustments for those who are less concerned with the construction of statistical data.


Many potential POE players saw those extra elements in Harvest and tried to enter the game. And those old players who have spent more than a month in the game have grown into powerful players. The interesting mechanism in Harvest has spawned a large number of superpowers. Everyone is addicted to the thrill of the new league and continues to use POE Currency to further enhance their gaming experience.

According to various data released by the game team recently, one can find that the number of POE players has risen a lot in recent months. Almost one in two people is a POE player. Although it may seem suspicious, it is true. People prefer to fight fiercely rather than grow up slowly in a greenhouse. The last league had players fighting fiercely for three months. The game team took into account the fatigue of the players and launched the Harvest League.

But those who have just become POE players should not think Harvest is a very simple league. It bases although Harvest on farming, there are still many threats in it. Take the most common situation, players have to kill the monsters produced after the seeds mature to get rare materials and vitality. If they don’t have enough strength to deal with many monsters, they will probably fall into a state of hard fighting. If the players collect the more advanced seeds, the more benefits they will eventually get.

In the new league, players need to overcome a series of usual challenges, including rewards for completing 12, 24 and 36 awards. Four weeks into the league, 16.3% of the players completed the first batch of 12 challenges, 1.68% of the players completed 24 challenges, and only 0.38% of the players completed 36 times or more. This number is still higher than the previous league’s 0.23% of Delirium, which completed 36 challenges. Grinding Gear Games attributes it to Harvest for providing a portal effect, while the previous league did not. The entry of more and more people has caused players to pursue POE Orbs and POE Items more and more. It is the best way for them to get everything by choosing the right agent to Buy POE Currency. That's it.

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