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Obsessions to lose weight to appear more attractive indeed many experienced before the special moments that require us to meet many people, as at the end of the year.

In addition to wanting to look more attractive when meeting old friends, family, or people who are being assessed, many people believe that a skinny body will make the appearance in the photo more beautiful and handsome.

There is really nothing wrong with the obsession with losing weight, especially if the goal is for health. However, most people prefer instant ways to reach their targets, despite endangering their own health.

According to the much-studied psychologist about diet and health, Mel Wells, rather than obeying a slimistic obsession, we also need to learn to love ourselves. He shares his tips so we feel more comfortable with his own body.

1. Use clothes that really fit your body

People feel overweight sometimes store clothes with smaller sizes used on special occasions only. Better get rid of such clothing.

"When you put small clothes in the cupboard or try to force your body to wear them, you will always feel uncomfortable," Wells said.

Stop trying to force the body to wear clothes that do not fit the body size. If you are comfortable with what you wear, then you will feel more relaxed and feel more confident.

2. Forgive yourself

If we want to change body shape, we must first love and receive the body as it is. So instead of trying to change your body due to dissatisfaction, try to be at peace with yourself.

In other words, if you want to make a healthier weight change, the bottom line is because you want to be healthy and loving the body, not because you hate the current condition and want to punish it.


3. Often naked

Spend more time for the naked when alone, such as walking around the house or room without clothes. According to Wells, the more time you spend naked and intimate with yourself, the more your confidence grows.

4. Respect yourself as a human being

True body belief comes from self-belief. Resurrect your inner qualities by remembering the achievements and virtues you have, not just what is in the mirror image or body shape

5. Unfollow accounts that just make the minder

There are many people in social media that make us think that their body and life are perfect. Naturally if we feel envy. However, stop following one account if it only makes you feel uncomfortable with yourself.

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As in the real world, true in our virtual world also need to mingle with people who bring joy and sense of empowerment.

6. Do not always see numbers on scales.

Every time we look at the numbers on the scales, we will always feel inferior with ourselves. This is what makes us always feel dissatisfied with what we already have. Being healthy is certainly important, but scoring on scales is not the best way to measure health.

7. Happiness is not about the size of clothing

Being more slender may make you more "socially acceptable" only on the surface and for a while. But, it's not a guarantee you can love yourself again.

Loving oneself is not a goal, but a journey and practice. A person who loves himself can do whatever they want with comfort, including enjoying a delicious meal without fear of increasing weight.

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