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Good news: Old School team took some measures to prevent suiciding in Deadman mode. When you are training in" safe zones", chances are that you will be killed by other players. It might be harassment if someone did it to one player multiple times. Now solutions came out for this problem. If you need RS 07 Deadman gold because of suiciders in game, you can consider buying RS 2007 Deadman gold cheap on Rsgoldfast.

Death changes in guarded zonesSolutions to Suiciding in Secure Zones

Now, Old School team made some changes to death within guarded zones and this might stop the suiciders themselves make money off it. RS 07 Gold for Sale If you die with a skull inside a guarded zone, you will now lose 10% of your experience in protected skills in addition to the existing item and XP loss. However , you will not shed any experience in your protected skills if you die without a head inside a guarded area. Now, a player will have to take risk of XP loss to their protected skills if he wants to suicide upon another in guarded zones.

Safe zones won't be absolutely safe

If Old School fix suiciders completely, then players will feel secure in "safe zones";. However , players are not absolutely safe when in safe zones after the update. Safe areas are not safe, nor are they meant to be. They are guarded. Many of you wonder why Old-school team didn't just make guarded zones into safe zones, the truth is that they don't want you to feel risk-free anywhere even in harmless zones. They want people to be able to kill a person in the guarded specific zones if they feel it is worth the risk. So it is necessary for you to prepare the enough RS Deadman gold in game to take on the actual challenging.

Since you are playing Deadman mode, you should always get yourself ready for any tasks and problems in video game. Just ensure you can gather enough Deadman gold to make the most of the game. Rsgoldfast always has plenty of cheap Buy RS 2007 Gold setting for sale. The last round Thanksgiving Special promo will be available on Nov. 30, and you can get cheapest RS Deadman mode gold form this event. Have fun.

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