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It could be old school rs gold amazing to observe some speedrunning categories included in the future however, such as fastest to finish a solo raid, quickest to strike certain overall levels or ability objectives, or perhaps pursuit runs, all based on time logged in such as King of the skill was. Speedrunning categories could work incredibly for osrs with some tweaked fall rates to remove a number of the major rng issues inherent to speedrunning material on osrs.Has there wasn't any discussion of this kind of stuff for future leagues?

It essentially generates ultra rares that may be worth absurd amounts, and if they give up on quests, there'll be a limited amount of them at the runescape game forever.They'll probably just integrate the rewards into some other minigames or some thing.

This is my concern. It must come out with much more than that I put in go if I am using another account to play with this. I could realistically produce a rune monster alt and make rather than this manner. Is it fun? Probably not. Is it worth my time? We are going to see how the relics add up/play out and the rewards do.These are not a bucket listing of jobs where you need to finish everything, instead these are a list of tasks which you can select which ones to complete! We need a massive range of jobs which are impossible for one person to finish all them so that you have another goal.

Someone will max but that person might not have some of the other jobs complete. The aim with Master actions would be to award runescape players to the absolutely insane long-term accomplishments. So we see this comments a lot and here is my ideas on it.If it is untradeable then you simply get them onto your alt unless you pause all main-game progress which a lot of folks won't enjoy. People are going to like the benefits being tradeable in order that they're able to do this. This hard does ironman accounts, there is no way around it however we don't have the technology.

Also, there are advantages to being tradeable. They will be rather pricey when the league endings and everybody gets them and people get to feel as though they earned something that helps their principal account progress.And finally, we do desire a way to show off your progress in the league, that is the reason the decorations are OSRS Gold untradeable. Each league the emblem will change if you want to have that dragon decoration play and get it!Hopefully this usually means the rewards have something for everyone.

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