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The cockroaches in life always leave a light or heavy scars on the body. Scars can not only affect the function and shape of the patient, but also the appearance of the patient. Today people want to achieve perfection, but the existence of scars impedes the general beauty of our skin and leads to a lack of integrity.

After trying different types of products, there are many people who go to the hospital for scar treatment, some for a surgical repair, to have a quick effect, comfortable treatment and a high level of safety that gives the scar patients a hopeful light.

CO2 fractionated laser treatment according to the scar principle

The Fractional CO2 Laser machine target is the water in the skin tissue. Some degree of thermal exfoliation, more thermal coagulation, and significant thermal effects are produced at the laser penetration site. The thermal effect produces collagen fiber contraction, thermal coagulation, and thermal peel to form a minimally invasive small hole about 0.12 mm in diameter and about 2 to 4 mm deep. At this time, the heat tissue of the normal tissue between the small hole and the small hole after the wound is activated to initiate the skin wound repair mechanism. a large amount of collagen is regenerated and the dermal framework is reconstructed and the scar is smoothed.

co2 fractionated laser treatment advantage

1. Easy to repair after the operation

The CO2 dot matrix laser is being used more and more in clinical practice, and its therapeutic effect on scar treatment is comparable to that of orthopedic surgery. After treatment, repair time is short, side effects are mild, complications are low, and patients are more acceptable, which meets the requirements of minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic surgery. With the increase in treatment cases and the pooling of experiences, the treatment plan is becoming more mature and has good prospects for development.

2. The personalized treatment plan

The CO2 dot matrix laser can be adapted to individual needs. At the time of treatment, the diameter and depth of the micropores can be adjusted. Of all lasers, only the treatment range of the CO2 point laser can achieve a setting of 5 to 100%, and a single treatment can have significant effects.

3. Short recovery time

The skin can be recovered in 7-10 days. During treatment, the part into which the laser penetrates directly forms a matrix of small white spots. The skin around these tiny spots instantly triggers a lateral repair mechanism and the epidermis completely heals within 8 hours. After about 7-10 days, the mink drops off at the small white spot and the skin returns to its normal appearance. Internal collagen regeneration can take up to 6 months or even longer.

4. CO2 fractionated laser treatment range and effect

Hemorrhoids and acne:

CO2 laser skin resurfacing machine play a more important role in repairing scars after hemorrhoids, including early intervention in early energy, prevention of atrophy, and support for wound healing. Today CO2 dot matrix lasers are the gold standard for scars after hemorrhoids.

Different types of scars:

CO2 lasers can enhance virtually any type of deep or shallow scar with or without pigmentation, acne scars, traumatic scars, surgical scars, or burn scars.

Superficial neoplasm in the face:

Such as sweat tumor, seborrheic keratosis, mucus and congestion, millet rash, flat wart, warts and so on.

Stretch marks:

CO2 lasers can be applied to stretch marks that are difficult to handle. By stimulating the dermal tissue, damaged skin can regenerate and rearrange collagen, restoring the skin to a smooth condition and reducing the appearance or extent of stretch marks.

The CO2 laser acts on the vaginal mucosa and muscle layer, promoting vaginal tissue regeneration without pain and invasiveness, tightening the vagina, improving vaginal immunity, reducing the rate of infection, increasing sensitivity and lubrication, and restoring the woman's private organization can be. Healthy and firm, to reach a young and solid woman from within.


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