Long pulse 1064 Nd.YAG laser clinical indications include the following aspects. from skeily's blog

1. Vascular lesions
Nd.YAG 1064nm laser is a near-infrared light, its wavelength is long, deep tissue penetration can penetrate 10mm soft tissue.
Since oxyhemoglobin in the blood vessel has a strong absorption ability for the laser of the wavelength, the laser can selectively produce heat damage to the blood vessel tissue and cause coagulation and necrosis of the blood vessel tissue, thereby playing a role in the treatment of vascular diseases.

Long Pulse 1064Nd.YAG Laser Advantages:

Contrast to the continuous Nd.YAG laser.

The continuous laser treatment of vascular diseases with Nd.YAG (1064 nm) has a history of more than 30 years.

Long Pulse Tunable ND YAG Laser Tattoo Removal Machine overcomes the overheating of the continuous laser, which not only has a longer pulse width, but also effectively coagulates the abnormal blood vessel endothelial cells, but also the thermal relaxation time of the tissue is far below the temperature of the surrounding tissue, greatly reducing the side effects ,
Contrast with a pulsed 595 nm dye laser.

In Europe and the US, the 595 nm pulsed dye laser is the clinical gold standard for the treatment of cutaneous vascular lesions. It has the wavelength of the third peak of the hemoglobin absorption coefficient curve, but the depth of penetration is insufficient to represent a major error of 595 nm. Due to the complexity of the vascular problems, the complete clearance of the treatment is not high.

Taking into account the long pulse of the 1064 nm laser penetrating the depth and the high absorption coefficient, the long-wavelength can penetrate directly deep into the lesion and coagulate deep blood vessels, thereby completely improving vascular problems.

2. acne, acne scars, inflammatory pain

Langpuls 1064nm laser energy can be transmitted to a specific target within a short time, not spread into the environment, so that when acne formation of dark red nodules, scarring and pigmentation is a very significant therapeutic effect.

Energy directly on the funnel section of acne bacteria to kill Propionibacterium acnes; so horny epithelial detachment to reduce the blockage of hair follicles; and moderate warming of the sebaceous glands, sebaceous glands directly inhibit the secretion of the sebaceous glands; Inhibition of collagen synthesis and reduction of scar flow, causing tissue hypoxia; inhibit melanocyte activity and thereby reduce scarring and pigmentation.

Acne treatment direction

Acne is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles, which has a negative effect on the perception and the mental state of the skin.

And to cope with acne, we pay attention not only to the treatment of inflammatory lesions and pitting scars but also to patients with inflammatory lesions after the treatment of telangiectasia or red rash, persistent erythema with or without scar treatment.

Solve only the problems caused by acne to fundamentally relieve the symptoms of acne and reduce the effects of acne.

3. Acne marks erythema, facial flushing, rejuvenation
Wavelength 1064nm laser can be absorbed by melanin and hemoglobin, moisture absorption less, it can penetrate the dermis. After the hemoglobin has absorbed laser energy, the blood warms up and the heat energy is transferred to the blood vessel wall, damaging the vascular endothelial cells resulting in damage to the blood vessels and thrombosis. Finally, absorption and regression of hemoglobin may help to heal smallpox erythema and eliminate facial redness and to implement the role of rosacea.

At the same time, the 1064Nd.YAG laser can stimulate the dermis dendritic cells to produce heat shock protein 70 and procollagen I so that the deposition of collagen in the papillary layer of the skin repairs scars, reduces pores, eliminates superficial wrinkles, firming the skin and so on further.

Advantages over intense pulsed light:

Highly pulsed light, pulsed dye laser to treat acne erythema, facial flushing, and good results, but this method is not perfect.

In contrast to the long-pulse cooling system ND YAG Laser Machine protects the epidermis well, while reducing the pain of the patient during treatment. Most patients have no obvious discomfort due to long-pulse melanin 1064 laser absorption after treatment. Less, almost no pigmentation or hypopigmentation and other common complications with color lasers after the laser. Compared to DPL, the 1064 long-pulse laser does not produce purpura, the work and social environment of the patient will have no effect.


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